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Day 214: Sunglasses

31 Jul

We got up way too early to look at some tide pools. In order to access said tide pools, we had to walk down a cliff that was made up of crumbly rock (very technical terms). I’m not a heights/cliff person and I believe that a person could never be too far away from a cliff. I took one look down and decided there was no way that I was going down a cliff and instead, planted my butt down and froze. Needless to say, I won’t be looking for tide pools below cliffs anytime soon.

Joaquin has been going through our stuff and clomping around in my shoes. We think he’s fascinated with heels because of the loud noises that they can make. He allowed us to take a picture of him with my sunglasses on. He’s too cute!

We spent the rest of the day at the beach. It was sunny and perfect. Whales have been hanging out by the beach, so we got to see them several times. Watching whales really doesn’t get old, even though they do the same thing over and over again.


Day 213: Ocean Fun

30 Jul

We spent another few hours at the beach today. It must have been in the 50’s. Jen, Jaime, and their mom spent most of the time bundled up, while John and I took the dogs on a long walk down the beach. When we came back we found out that Joaquin hadn’t gone down to the water at all because he was afraid that the ocean was going to get him. I took him down to the water to kick the waves and then brought him back to our spot. Soon after, Jaime took him down to the water.

As you can see, Joaquin loved the water this time. By the time we left he was soaked and covered with sand.

Day 212: Oysters

29 Jul

Today we got ready early and went to Fort Bragg to take a ride on the Skunk Train. It was a nice train ride through a bunch of coast redwood trees. After the Skunk Train, we beelined to the Mendocino Cookie Company to get some of the best cookies ever made (Jen’s note: apparently Temoc doesn’t like my cookies! haha). Then we made our way to Mendocino where I found an oyster stand!

The oysters were so good! After I ate these, I wanted more, but we had already left Mendocino.

Day 211: Tiny Birds

28 Jul

We’ve seen a lot of humingbirds close to the beach. This one was guarding its patch of flowers from other hummingbirds in the area.

The weather’s been nice, but it’s been pretty cool over here– in the high 50’s low 60’s. There’s nothing like going to the beach in a sweatshirt and pants ;)

Day 210: Ocean Fun

27 Jul

We spent the day at the beach – playing in the sand and dipping our feet in the freezing cold water. Joaquin was scared of the ocean at first, but seemed to warm up to it (that might be a slight exaggeration).

Day 209: Last Day

26 Jul

Today was the last day at my job! As I expected, it was bittersweet. I’m happy to be moving onto something new, but will miss my co-workers. Unfortunately, the day went by too quickly and I wasn’t able to give a proper goodbye to everyone. 

On a side note, an email is sent to everyone in the agency when a staff member leaves – with the person’s picture and a note saying that the person has left and will now be welcome as a visitor. Each time I received this type of email, I was uncomfortable and embarrassed for the person. Within the next week, everyone will be getting my good riddance, you’re not welcome back email, and I’m a bit embarrassed. ;)

One of my parting gifts was a plant that I can bring to my new job…

Day 208: Playtime

25 Jul

I got home a bit early from a meeting and surprised Remi and Luna. They were so excited that they instantly started playing. Or maybe it was fighting. Either way, they enjoyed themselves.

At Petsmart, we saw an 8-week old Boston Terrier. She was so cute, but it certainly didn’t make us want another one…We like not having to deal with crying and messes. ;)

Side note: A mosquito eater just flew into the house and Temoc tried to catch it, but it was flying around too fast for him. Luna decided to help when he asked her where the bug went. She led him around the house and eventually stopped and gave him a look like, “what are we looking for again?” haha….

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