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30 Jan

We are patiently waiting at FedEx Office for our invitations to be printed. If you are planning to make your own invitations, we recommend that you stay far away from opal stardream paper! It’s a printing nightmare! It’s beautiful paper, but jams if you print more than one page at a time. The guy helping us is printing one page at a time, while also trying to help other people. At least he’s patient and didn’t give up like they did at Office Max. :) And, we won’t even delve into how awful Staples is at printing…



25 Jan

We just realized we can get our marriage license because we have less than 90 days left! So exciting!


24 Jan

Since working on several wedding-related projects, I have gained a little more confidence in my crafting ability. I love being able to have control over colors/styles, and I love saving money! This resulted in another project, which is my newest love for the flower/feather/tulle hair accessories that every store is selling (some for $30-$45!).

Surprisingly, it didn’t take very long to make the hair pin and I’m satisfied with the way it turned out. The pearl in the center looks better in person, and I still have to sew the pin just a bit more. I hope my bridesmaids/mom are willing to wear a hair pin because I think it would look great with their dresses and bouquets.

Invitations (Revisited)

22 Jan

We’ve been working on our invitations for a year (literally).  We have 18 days until we have to send them out. 

18 days!

Are we finished?  Not even close!

It’s amazing how time slips away.  When you’re a bride-to-be (or groom-to-be), you tend to look at magazines/websites. The more you look, the more wonderful ideas you find.  And then your ideas change.  And then you give yourself more work/time commitment. And then, 4 weeks before you have to send out invitations, you decide to look for more invitation ideas and change the one that you’ve already decided on.  Yes, this is how it goes.

Since we aren’t finished and don’t really want to unveil our invitations before they go out, we will leave you with two elements of our new design.

Playing Dress Up

20 Jan

All of the dresses have been ordered. Yes, this includes the bridal gown, but it’s top secret, so no blog post until after the wedding!

For the bridesmaid/MOH/junior bridesmaid dresses, I chose the color and and allowed the girls to pick out dresses that they felt most comfortable in.  I’ve been told I’m a nice bride. :)

Amazingly, all of the girls picked out different dresses! Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the girls in their dresses, but thanks to the Internet, we have pictures of super skinny girls modeling the dresses.  They look much better on ‘my’ girls. :)

All of the dresses were purchased at David’s Bridal.

I can’t wait to see them with their bouquets and all made up.  I’m still very excited about the bouquets, as you can probably tell!


16 Jan

So… we’ve been dragging our feet with the ‘rentals.’ We have to rent linens and glasses (as well as a few miscellaneous items), and we know where we are going to rent them. However, we’ve been SO lazy going to the store. Just when we decided that we have to get this done ASAP, we come up with a new issue. What color linens?? Do we go with blue? Or do we go with the standard white (well, ivory)? We’re also going to rent chaircovers (from a different vendor), so do we go with ivory chaircovers/blue ribbon? Or blue/blue? Ugh! Decisions, decisions.

Flowers: Part II

2 Jan

We posted a picture of the bouquet flowers in a previous post, but neglected to mention what they will look like, and where we got our inspiration.  The inspiration came from this image:

Although our bouquets will not look identical to the one above, we’re hoping that they are as beautiful!  We’re using a different flower technique and different colors, but we’re still hoping they’re similar.

Making the bouquets takes several steps (and many hours):

1. Cut fabric into strips

2. Burn all four sides of the fabric strip

3. Sew and roll the fabric into a rose

4. Cut tulle/netting

5. Sew the tulle to the rose

6. Using an awl, poke a hole horizontally through the base of the flower and insert floral wire

7. Organize the flowers and add embellishments (we’re using feathers, buttons, and pins)

8. Add skewers for bulk (on the stems)

9. Cover the floral wire/skewers with blue ribbon.

The most important step, which is not listed, is going to Joanns and Michaels every weekend, and sometimes on weekdays!  We’re attempting to not to buy anything unless we have a coupon. :)

Here are a few pictures of the first bouquet (we’re hoping the other 5 will be done this weekend):

And the almost final version (the stem will be shortened):

Andrea with Bouquet (Notice the frame in the background? That's a chalkboard that Temoc made!)


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