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Day 127: Card Making

5 May

I’m one of those people that go to a paper store and spend an entire hour (or longer) looking at everything in the store. I love crafting, even after making our wedding invitations (each one probably took about an hour to make!). Recently my mom made me feel guilty for never sending her cards. So, mix my love for shopping at paper stores, crafting and the guilt trip, and voila! Another attempt at making a card.

Unfortunately my mom reads this blog, so I can’t show a picture of it.


And They’re Off!

13 Feb

We sent our invitations, which means our wedding is coming up soon! It also means that there is one less thing to clutter our house. :)

Who’s going to be the first to RSVP? And how many people are actually going to RSVP? We shall see…


30 Jan

We are patiently waiting at FedEx Office for our invitations to be printed. If you are planning to make your own invitations, we recommend that you stay far away from opal stardream paper! It’s a printing nightmare! It’s beautiful paper, but jams if you print more than one page at a time. The guy helping us is printing one page at a time, while also trying to help other people. At least he’s patient and didn’t give up like they did at Office Max. :) And, we won’t even delve into how awful Staples is at printing…

Invitations (Revisited)

22 Jan

We’ve been working on our invitations for a year (literally).  We have 18 days until we have to send them out. 

18 days!

Are we finished?  Not even close!

It’s amazing how time slips away.  When you’re a bride-to-be (or groom-to-be), you tend to look at magazines/websites. The more you look, the more wonderful ideas you find.  And then your ideas change.  And then you give yourself more work/time commitment. And then, 4 weeks before you have to send out invitations, you decide to look for more invitation ideas and change the one that you’ve already decided on.  Yes, this is how it goes.

Since we aren’t finished and don’t really want to unveil our invitations before they go out, we will leave you with two elements of our new design.

Cakes and Catering

29 Aug

We set appointments for cake tastings, and made it to both of them.  At first we were worried that we weren’t going to remember what the first cakes tasted like because the appointments were set about three weeks apart. We’re going to have to make a tough decision. Both places had really great cakes! At the first tasting, we “sampled” 7 full slices of cake.  There were a few that tasted better than others, but overall, we’re happy to eat any free cake.  At the second tasting, we were given the individual parts of each cake separately. We had to create the cakes ourselves with ingredients like white cake, chocolate cake, whipped cream, butter cream frosting, chocolate mousse, etc.

We also met with a caterer.  They’ve increased their prices, and don’t have a set price list.  Strange?  We think so…  At least we got a free meal out of it! We went to try another caterer; food wasn’t nearly as good as the first. We’re going to have to see if we can negotiate a lower price for food. Hopefully, we’ll have something concrete in terms of a contract for food this week.

Favor Boxes and Invitations

13 Jul

What do you get when you have no money to spend and a three day weekend?  A bunch of wedding preparations done!

Jen worked on the favor boxes for hours, and now we have a total of 100 done (with 2 in progress).  We only ordered 100 boxes, so we’re going to search for 18+ more.

Meanwhile, Temoc worked on the design of the “Direction” card for the invitations.  They’re nearly complete.

We also made our first invitation.  Although it’s not the final product, we are happy with how it turned out.  The process was much easier than we had anticipated.  We spent about $16 (oops!) on a new paper cutter/scorer.  We weren’t sure how to make the “V,” which is why it took us so long to make our first invitation.  We hoped the new paper cutter would work because it was cheaper/easier than the alternatives – and it did!  Here’s a sneak peek of the invitation:


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