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Day 282: State Capitol

7 Oct

Our (work) parking garage has quite the view of the capitol…

(Does it annoy you as much as it annoys us when people/businesses write “capital” instead of “capitol”?)


Day 215: Cheeseee

1 Aug

Our vacation is over and I start my new job tomorrow. Looks like I will be getting lots of sleep tonight (haha).

We’ll miss spending time with Joaquin…

Day 209: Last Day

26 Jul

Today was the last day at my job! As I expected, it was bittersweet. I’m happy to be moving onto something new, but will miss my co-workers. Unfortunately, the day went by too quickly and I wasn’t able to give a proper goodbye to everyone. 

On a side note, an email is sent to everyone in the agency when a staff member leaves – with the person’s picture and a note saying that the person has left and will now be welcome as a visitor. Each time I received this type of email, I was uncomfortable and embarrassed for the person. Within the next week, everyone will be getting my good riddance, you’re not welcome back email, and I’m a bit embarrassed. ;)

One of my parting gifts was a plant that I can bring to my new job…

Day 195: Locked Up

12 Jul

One perk of my job is that I can go on a field trip tours of prisons. Today we visited one that I had never been to before, and was the fourth time that I’ve visited a prison. It really fascinates me to see so many people that have done something to end up in prison. This prison was slightly different in that most of the inmates can coexist without the “requirement” of staying within one’s own race. The inmate population is essentially former gang members and rapists/child molesters. In the other tours, I didn’t get to see spiritual areas, but this time I saw a Native American sweat lodge and a Wiccan something.

I even toured a meat facility – a vegetarian’s worst nightmare. There were huge blocks of meat and one random leg sticking out of a box. It smelled like beef jerky, which doesn’t make much sense to me.

Anyway, it was a nice break from work. Visiting a prison is an eyeopener. With each visit, I’ve learned something new that completely shocks me, but I’ll leave my opinion to myself. :)

Unfortunately, phones are not allowed inside, so I have to settle on a completely irrelevant picture.

Day 194: Happy Monday

11 Jul

Sounds were coming from both sides of the house, so Remi wasn’t sure where to look. He ended up looking a little bit crazy…

I try to avoid talking about certain things before they’re a done deal. Maybe it’s to protect myself from disappointment – or maybe I just don’t want to jinx it. I was very close to getting a potential dream job between in February. I only told a few people about it, but then it fell through. Thankfully I didn’t give up all hope. Today I accepted a job offer, so I think it’s pretty much a done deal, right? I’m really excited to start something new, but dread all of the work I will have to do in the next few weeks. :/

Maui – Day 1

27 May

We took a very early morning flight to LA for a layover, and then boarded the plane to Maui… with a bunch of dorks. My goodness. Apparently they finished working on special effects for a movie, so they were taking a trip to Maui to celebrate. I’d love a job that sent me to Maui, but I’m not so sure that I would love hanging out with them. ;)

We finally arrived and did some food shopping. We had some car trouble, so we had to return the rental car and got a free upgrade (yay!).

By this point, we were really tired, so we drove around Kihei and tried to go to Kama’ole Beach 1. The tour book warned of afternoon wind, but we ignored it. Haha. I’m pretty sure we’ve never before felt wind that gusty!

It was bright, hence the closing of the eyes. :)

Since we were disappointed that we couldn’t go to the beach, we did a little more shopping and returned home.

Day 89: Let’s Sleep In!

28 Mar

When we wake up, Luna is wide awake. The days we get to sleep in, she tries to wake us up if she senses any movement. She must have had a bad case of the Mondays today because she didn’t want to get out of bed. Temoc grabbed the camera in time for me to capture this picture.

Keep in mind, it was 5:45 AM. I’m proud of us for being alert enough to grab the camera and take a picture! Also, if you’ve ever read Damn You Auto Correct, I can’t think of the phrase “bad case of the Mondays” without thinking of manboobs. :)

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