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Day 259: Auction

14 Sep

Tomorrow is a big day. The house will be put up for auction and we are crossing our fingers that it doesn’t sell. Regardless of what happens, today is our last day of home ownership for a very long time. It’s totally bittersweet, but we are very much looking forward to the next few steps in our lives. We found a home to live in for the next 10 or so months (crossing our fingers on that one, too:)). We can’t get the keys until Monday, so hopefully no one tries to kick us out before then… Well, before the following weekend because I certainly can’t move furniture by myself. :)

We are slowly packing, throwing things away, shredding lots of paper and creating a donation pile. I absolutely love getting rid of things, and it feels good to know that we will not be moving with stuff that we don’t need… The house is similar to our current home, but some rooms are smaller. We’re going to have to sell a table, and possibly a couch or two. I have a feeling our next move will be even more difficult because we will have to really downsize, so I guess this is just a small stepping stone…

Thankfully, we haven’t made a huge mess of the house yet, so it’s still tidy (for the most part). Temoc found a bunch of boxes at work, and decided to stack them just outside of the living room. I’m thinking that he’s trying to give me something to do while he’s at school… So nice of him! ;)

As a warning, we may not have an Internet connection for a few days. During that time, we’ll either post really bad iPhone pictures or we’ll “cheat” and create posts ahead of time. That’s the one really big downfall of moving, I suppose…


Day 193: Reality Check

10 Jul

We are relatively private on this blog, but I feel like we’ve gotten to a point where we can finally admit defeat and open up about something that’s been happening over the last seven months.

We bought our house with the intention of moving to a better house in about 5-7 years – or when our first child was old enough to go to school. It was supposed to be a stepping stone – to build equity. We didn’t buy at the peak, but it was close enough to the peak that we are now underwater. When Temoc decided that he wanted to go to dental school, I unrealistically thought that the house would become a rental property and we would move back into it when he was done, until we decided where we wanted to live. Months went by and then I realized that any rent that we would receive wouldn’t come close to covering the mortgage payment. With the uncertainty of how much student loan money we will receive, and how long it will take me to find a job, I finally decided it was time to sell the house (Temoc was sold on the idea months before me – I should have listened to him). We found a realtor and a few months later, we had a buyer. We were ecstatic! Then came the first blow – we would have to stop making payments in order for the mortgage company to consider the short sale. We were completely reluctant, but felt we had no choice, so we stopped making payments. We were so sure this would get us a short sale. Three months later, we were approved by the mortgage company! What a relief!

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end to our story. Several weeks went by, and we heard not a peep from the mortgage company. Finally, we heard that it was with our mortgage insurance company. We had no clue that we had mortgage insurance, and thought that we opted out of it – I guess we should have read that paperwork, afterall. So, again, we waited. We lost track of how many weeks had passed. Fast forward to Thursday night, and we got the dreaded email from our realtor. The mortgage insurance denied the short sale. We are still in shock. We didn’t think it would take this long for them to approve or┬ádeny it – and we thought we were in the clear after out mortgage company approved the short sale. So many little clues should have warned us that we were in a downward spiral, but we tried to be optimistic. Now we have to learn about the foreclosure process – what that actually means, beyond just ruining our credit. We’re scared of what tomorrow will bring, and frankly feel sick to our stomachs about this whole process.

Moving forward, I hope that we have learned a valuable lesson in trusting our instincts, while being very cautious in making such a huge investment. We know we are not the first couple to have gone through a foreclosure and certainly (sadly) won’t be the last, but it’s quite difficult to admit defeat and to realize the situation is much more serious than we thought it would be seven months ago… We’ll be sad to say goodbye to our home, but it’s just a home. We have each other, and our cute dogs and I couldn’t ask for more (well, I could, but that will be saved for another blog post:)).


5 Aug

We have totally neglected the blog for the last few days. We’ve been so busy. Between working, studying, cleaning and watching home makeover shows, we haven’t had any time to spend on the computer. Unfortunately it probably won’t get better anytime soon, since I’m planning on taking the test in about two months, and Temoc starts schools in a few weeks. :(

We’ll try our best to blog daily, but we can’t make any promises!

Higher Education

22 Jul

When I was in college, I thought that I needed more education than just a bachelor’s degree. I had dreams of going to law school… And then I met my husband… Looking back, meeting him couldn’t have come at a better time. I could have went to law school and maybe I would have been happy, but probably not.

Several people told me to go back to school just after I graduate, otherwise I would never go back to school and if I did, it would be much more difficult if I waited too long. Well, they may have been right, but I don’t agree with them. People that don’t know what they want in a career shouldn’t go back to school immediately after college. They should wait and really figure out their interests and then go back to school. Otherwise, all of that time and money is wasted on a potentially useless master’s degree or Ph.D!

Now, 6 years later, I’m seriously considering going back to school. I feel like I’m more prepared now, than I was back then. I’ve thought more about what I want to do for my life and for a career, and I think I know the type of education that I need and will enjoy pursuing… And maybe I will wake up one day and want to go to work!

So now the studying begins. How much fun is it to study for a test? Not much fun at all. I have many hours of studying ahead of me. If I end up not going back to school, the studying won’t be completely useless because I’m currently learning about correct grammar, which will help me in everyday speech, this blog (maybe), and even in my current job (a big maybe).

So, if I mess up and stop blogging, I’m sorry. It’s probably for the best because it might actually mean that I’m studying. ;)

Quick Update

21 Jul

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been on a blogging frenzy! Since we started the blog, we planned on blogging daily. Obviously that hasn’t happened. Two blog entries in one month made it seem like we were on a roll. However, one day we decided that we had enough and we were going to start blogging on a daily basis. So far, so good. We might miss a day or two, but we plan on blogging more consistently from now until whenever we have nothing else to write…

We intend to change the name and maybe even update the design, so please visit us again soon. We love comments, too… :)

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