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Day 262: Wedding!

17 Sep

We went to a wedding for really sweet couple. It was beautiful – lovely area, cute and creative touches and wonderful food.


Day 101: Anniversary Celebration!!!

9 Apr

We’re celebrating our anniversary tonight, and our actual anniversary is tomorrow. If we had started the Picture a Day project on New Year’s it would have coincided with Day 100. We’ll have to do that next time.

I can’t believe a year has gone by already. It went by so fast. We’ve had a really good year, and I know we’re going to have a lifetime of happiness. I married my best friend and the love of my life. I am so lucky to have Jen in my life.

Day 65: Bloomed

4 Mar

The first flower from Day 41 has bloomed! We forgot the color of it, so we were happy to learn that it’s different from the others that we are trying to keep alive. :)

Day 61: Flowers

28 Feb

Temoc’s aunt bought us a few plants that we’re hoping we can keep alive.

The orchid from Day 41 hasn’t bloomed yet. One bud looks like it’s close to blooming, though!

Attention to Detail

13 Jul

After 17 months of engagement and 4.5 years of “dating,” the day had finally arrived. We woke up in different places, since we’re traditional like that (haha). I (Jen) woke up to my mom making lots of noise in the 6’o clock hour (yeah, my mom was more anxious than me). Temoc woke up in a hotel. We both did a few more last touches, got ready and then we met for pictures.

If you’re not yet married, make sure your bridesmaids are aware of the details. We had a homemade ring bearer pillow and a “Just Married” sign that were left at home. We didn’t remember until we were at the reception, looking for the sign (after the photographer was gone). I also forgot a bouquet of flowers in the car in memory of Temoc’s mom. It’s unfortunate, but as the bride, you’re not thinking about all the little things. You’re thinking about the big picture (Is he going to love my dress? I can’t screw up the vows. Please don’t let me trip walking down the aisle. And please don’t cry because then I’ll mess up my $100 make-up). In retrospect, if my bridesmaids knew what I needed, the “little” details wouldn’t have been left in the car or at home… Since we can’t do anything about it, we took a few pictures to show off on our blog.

Ring Bearer Pillow

Sign (just imagine us holding the sign with giddy smiles)

And the other details that did make it to the wedding…

Very labor-intensive bouquets

Our rings

Very labor-intensive paper centerpieces

Messy, but not as labor-intensive garter (taken by us)

And finally, very labor-intensive favors (who would’ve guessed?)

All pictures taken by Rachelle Photography, unless otherwise noted.

Something Borrowed

14 Feb

So, we’ve covered the something blue here. Next, my something borrowed! Jaime got married 2 days and four years before we will get married. Thankfully she kept some items, one of which is a hairpin.

It looks even better on!

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3


24 Jan

Since working on several wedding-related projects, I have gained a little more confidence in my crafting ability. I love being able to have control over colors/styles, and I love saving money! This resulted in another project, which is my newest love for the flower/feather/tulle hair accessories that every store is selling (some for $30-$45!).

Surprisingly, it didn’t take very long to make the hair pin and I’m satisfied with the way it turned out. The pearl in the center looks better in person, and I still have to sew the pin just a bit more. I hope my bridesmaids/mom are willing to wear a hair pin because I think it would look great with their dresses and bouquets.

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