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Day 201: Wallflower

18 Jul

A few years ago, we bought a wallflower –¬†thinking that it would be a small plant. Instead, it’s massive. Temoc has massacred¬†it a few times, but it grows back with a vengeance! If wallflowers grow in your area, make sure you leave plenty of room for it to grow. :)


Day 172: Happy Father’s Day!

19 Jun

Well, obviously he’s not a a father yet, but you can’t get any cuter than this face:

I wish that I had the camera out when he heard a train… He got so excited – eyes and mouth wide open.

We enjoyed putting our feet in the pool and I finally got to see him freak out when he saw a nasty spider. It was so funny to see him scared of it! I wonder who taught him to be afraid of insects? :)

Day 97: 5 Days Left

5 Apr

Our anniversary is in just 5 days! I can’t believe we’ve (almost) been married for a year. We received an anniversary gift from Temoc’s aunt today.

So sweet of her! Hopefully we can vary our meals and use some of these herbs! Let us know if you have any recipes. We think it’s rosemary, mint and another unidentified herb. :)

In other news, I got a call from our nephew today. It seems like he’s SO excited to talk to me, and then when I say “hello?” he says… nothing. Once he gives the phone back (well, once the phone is taken from him), he starts talking away. I’m hoping his mommy well let us babysit for their anniversary, which happens to be Friday (wish me luck!).

Day 95: New Bloom

3 Apr

We’ve had this succulent for three years and its never bloomed, but now it finally has flowers. Shoot, we didn’t even knew it was going to have flowers. We moved it last year, so it must like this part of the yard better than where it was before.

Shrike Strike

25 Jul

The Shrikes have struck again! These birds are the bane of my tomato plants. This first tomato is what they ate today. The worst thing about it is that they don’t even eat the whole thing; they just eat a little.

These are two tomatoes that were eaten yesterday. I took them off the plant so that they could compost back into the soil.

Half-eaten tomatoes

At least they didn’t take a bite out of all the tomatoes like they did last year. This is the culprit:

The tomato eating culprit

{Source: Doug Back }

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