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Day 134: Photobooks

12 May

We finally made photobooks of our trip to Kauai and of our trip to St. Thomas and Puerto Rico (from over three years ago). Making the books brought back a lot of memories :)

Remi wanted to see the pictures too.


Day 133: Hot Dogs!

11 May

The surprise gifts that Joaquin found ended up being jars of Puka Dog sauces! We wasted no time prying open these jars and had hot dogs for dinner. :) The hot dogs and the three mixes below tasted just as delicious as we remember at the restaurant. We highly recommend buying them here. Yum! I’m already looking forward to the next hot dog night.

If you’re a vegetarian or just don’t like eating real hot dogs, Smart Dogs taste great and they’re only 45 calories each!

Day 23: Kauai on the Brain

21 Jan

Although we didn’t take this picture today — or with our fancy camera — we can’t stop thinking about Kauai, so we had to post a picture. Our honeymoon was perfect. It’s a trip that we will definitely go on again, but for now, all we have are pictures.


15 Jul

We had aspirations of going here for our honeymoon:

{Source: Visit London}

And here…

{Source: Paris}

Then reality hit. We priced out the flights and got discouraged. Very discouraged. We came up with two options. Option #1 was to deplete our savings and go on this trip. Option #2 was to deplete some of our savings and go on another trip. We chose option #2.

So, sometime in the next month or so we will be going on our second choice honeymoon. We still dream of going to London and Paris someday. We will continue to buy European-inspired home goods to keep the dream alive. :)

So where are we going?


{Source: County of Kauai}

And guess what? We couldn’t be more thrilled to go to Hawaii!

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