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Something Borrowed

14 Feb

So, we’ve covered the something blue here. Next, my something borrowed! Jaime got married 2 days and four years before we will get married. Thankfully she kept some items, one of which is a hairpin.

It looks even better on!

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3


And They’re Off!

13 Feb

We sent our invitations, which means our wedding is coming up soon! It also means that there is one less thing to clutter our house. :)

Who’s going to be the first to RSVP? And how many people are actually going to RSVP? We shall see…

Vanishing Veil

12 Feb

Make-up trial. Done.
Hair trial. Today.

We are procastinators. This is probably a common characteristic among humans, but we are bad. Like really bad. So, today I woke up a bit early knowing that I had to finish some invitation preparation, get my veil, get Jaime’s hairpin that she wore for her wedding, and I will wear for mine, and grab our camera. 5 minutes before we leave, I go to the office (aka wedding room) to get the veil and it’s not there. I go to the front room, where my dress is hanging. Not there. Downstairs closet? Not there. Laundry room cabinets? Not there. Bouquet supplies? Not there either.

Last time I remember seeing my veil, we were at my parent’s house, and that was months ago! I will be tearing apart the house this weekend, but I think I will be in the market for a new veil. Maybe I will be adventurous and make my own…

This is what it looked like, in case you need a visual (although I was never able to get it pinned right, and mine did not come with the flower):

And I forgot our camera.


9 Feb

I’m pretty reserved, so the thought of doing a garter toss absolutely terrifies me. I mean, who really wants to watch a groom go up his bride’s dress? Not me! Unfortunately, the groom-to-be nixed my idea of not doing it.

Since I’m being forced into doing the garter toss, I figured I would get something that I actually like. In one of my many Etsy searches, I found a beautiful garter. I absolutely love it because it’s simple, yet elegant.

And it costs $55, which I’m not willing to spend. So, I gave myself another DIY project. BM Andrea offered to make it, if she has time. I bought all of the materials, but couldn’t find a nice brooch. About a month had gone by and I thought I was going to have to settle for something else…

And then we went to Macys to shop for him. (Did you know he is going to be 30 in 2 weeks?). Thankfully I love to look at the clearance jewelry rack because my wonderful fiancé found me this:

It’s absolutely perfect! It was regularly $38, and we got it for $10, which is just a bit more than I would have like to have spent. Nevertheless, as two added bonuses, we can use the pearls for our centerpiece vases, and we get a percentage of the purchase back (in a gift card) after the wedding.

The garter will probably end up costing about $15 (we already have lace and those messy feathers). Doesn’t it feel good to save money?

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