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Frustrations and Progress

27 May

We have dealt with a few frustrations over the past week, but we are working on getting back on track!  Here are some updates:

We are still working on hiring a photographer.

We drove all the way to the Paper Source in Berkeley (got stuck in traffic), only to find out they’re phasing out the paper that we’re planning to use for the invitations.  We only got 13 out of the 30 sheets that we need, and decided to order the rest online.

We ordered the paper online, only to find out they give a 10% discount with orders of 20 sheets or more.  We should have just ordered the rest of the paper online!

Otherwise, we did make progress!

We found a perfect table runner at Crate & Barrel Outlet.  We don’t know where we’ll use it, but it was cheap, so we couldn’t resist!

Crate and Barrel Table Runner

We also ordered favor boxes yesterday from Store Supply Warehouse, and received them today!  We are satisfied and would recommend this company for favor boxes (sold as jewelry boxes).  We bought 100 at $0.16 each and with standard shipping, they ended up being $0.26 each.  Jen began “wrapping” them as soon as we got them (5 down… 115 to go).

Favor Boxes



22 May

Today is our 6 months (engagement) anniversary.  Although we thought that our relationship wouldn’t change because of engagement/marriage, we were wrong.  We feel that much closer to each other, knowing that we will begin our married life together very soon.  We already knew that we would be together forever, but it’s just one step closer to becoming reality!

We can’t wait for marriage because only one of us (Temoc) will need to carry benefits, we’ll be able to file taxes together (so Jen doesn’t have to create two tax returns), Jen gets to change her last name (people will actually be able to pronounce the last name, but still get the spelling wrong), and eventually we will  have children!  Sounds perfect to us!St. Thomas

Paper and Tuxedos

21 May

Several weeks ago we picked out patterned paper by Envelopments.  We were looking for an elegant,  navy blue, patterned paper that will be used for our favor boxes and invitations.  We special ordered the paper from Pulp Papery last week, and finally got to pick it up yesterday.  When we ordered it, we found out that the paper’s colors are very different than what is shown on the Envelopments website!  Below are the disparities in the colors between the Envelopments’ website (on the left), and a picture of the paper that we took (on the right).  Although the color difference is frustrating, we’re beginning to like the actual paper more than the color sample on the website. Plus, the paper matches the opal stardream paper that we’re going to use for the rest of the invitation.

Patterned Paper

We also went to Men’s Wearhouse yesterday to lock in a $30 discount for the groomsmen. We were completely overwhelmed by the choices, but we can always change the order later on. We were shocked to find out that we could even order the same tuxedo for our ring bearer(s) – at the same price. Is it really that important to have the children match the adults?

First-Time Homebuyer

21 May

We don’t want to jinx anything, so we’re not using names.  A couple that we know put an offer on a house today.  Yay!  We hope they get it, and we hope they get it for the price they offered!

After we purchased our house almost 19 months ago, we’ve come up with what we think is valuable advice for people looking to buy a house.  This advice includes:

1.  Save money before you purchase your house.  Don’t put all of that money down because you will want to purchase paint, and other miscellaneous items to make the house yours (and these items add up very quickly). 19 months later, we’re still making it ours.

2.  In addition to saving money, be sure that you can afford to pay the anticipated mortgage bill.  Pay your rent, and then put the difference from what you’re expecting to pay with a mortgage, into savings.  This way you will know for sure that you can afford the extra cost.  We can afford our mortgage bill, but we’ve had to stop eating out, buying clothes, netflix, etc.  Ask yourself if you’re really willing to eliminate discretionary funds from your budget.

3.  Don’t listen to anyone that says you will make more money in the future.  Thanks to furloughs, we’re making less money.

4.  Be aware that a 30-year fixed mortgage bill can change from year-to-year.  The escrow account will change over time because of changing home values the tax assessor uses to calculate your tax rates, and you could end up paying more (we’re now paying a few dollars short of $150 more per month than when we bought the house!).

5.  Try not to be emotional about the house(s) that you put an offer on because you may not get it.

6.  Don’t be in a rush to buy a house.  A month or two could provide you with a much nicer house and in a nicer neighborhood.

7.  If people are telling you that we’re at the “bottom” of the housing market, don’t listen to them.  Wait until the housing prices start increasing, so you know for sure that we’ve hit the bottom.

8.  Owning a home comes with a lot more responsibilities than renting.  If your dog urinates (or worse) on your carpet, that’s your carpet that he/she is ruining.  You are responsible for watering the lawn.  You are responsible for everything that breaks, or floods.

9.  Enjoy your realtor, and enjoy looking at the various houses on the market.  It’s fun to see the differences in houses from subdivision to subdivision.  You’ll find out what you like and what you don’t like by going inside of the homes, not just looking at the houses online.

10.  Consider renting in the neighborhood that you’re looking at before you buy a home.  You’ll find out firsthand whether or not the neighborhood fits your lifestyle, safety concerns, desired commute time, etc.

Although there are negatives to buying a house, we still think it’s worth the added costs and responsibilities.  We feel like we’re investing in our future, and enjoy the fact that we’re not paying a landlord to go on extravagant vacations (like a month long vacation to Turkey that Temoc’s landlord took when we were moving in together)…  If you buy now, you’ll also get $8,000 when you file your taxes next year.  We wish we got paid to purchase our house! :)Closing Day


18 May

We met with photographers yesterday, a husband and wife team!  We really liked their work and their personalities.  We haven’t hired them yet, but probably will!

We also visited the rose gardens at McKinley and Capitol Park.  Although we’re disappointed at McKinley’s plans to tear up the rose garden, we understand that the walkways (which are grass) need to be worked on.  The grass was a bit uneven, and may be scary in heels.  We were trying to envision where our guests would sit, and had difficulty at both parks.  Here are pictures of the two parks.  Let us know which one you prefer!

McKinley Park

This park is only two blocks away from the Turn Verein.  This park seems more open than Capitol Park.  The grass walkways didn’t look all that nice.  There isn’t a big opening for us to seat people, so we’d have to try to fit 2-3 rows per walkway.  It’ll be cramped, but possibly easier for people to see.

Mckinley Park Rose Garden

McKinley Rose Garden

McKinley Rose Garden

Capitol Park

The walkways between the roses were very narrow.  The roses will be shorter for our wedding day, so it will be easier to see if we decide to seat people between the roses.  We also could seat people in the “shade” structure shown in the picture below.  We’re not sure how many people would fit inside of it, but Temoc half-jokingly said that we can seat people around the edges, to save room and save money on renting chairs.  This park is much further away from the Turn Verein.  Parking wasn’t bad yesterday, but it was 100°, so not many people were out!

Capitol Park

Capitol Park

Capitol Park

Save the Dates

16 May

We’ve been throwing ideas around for our Save the Dates. We need to send these out at least six months in advance (October). We’ve come up with several ideas, including:

Magnets: We like Jaime’s Save the Dates/magnets, so we’ll probably end up with something very similar.

Save the Date

Save the Date

Save the Date Magnet

Save the Date Magnet

Then we found a sample Save the Date from $2000 Dollar Wedding.

Sample Save the Date

Stamps: We also found a stamp from Paper Source. We’re thinking about embossing it for an added dimension.

Dandelion Stamp

Dandelion Stamp

Jen may be on her own in creating the STDs (what a terrible acronym!) because Temoc doesn’t enjoy being crafty… So, hopefully we begin these soon!


15 May

The CHP permit was approved, so we can get married at the Capitol Park Rose Garden.  Yay!

Now we’ll have to make an important decision on where exactly our ceremony will be held (this is the most important part of the wedding, right?).

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