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Day 26: There Goes the Toilet Paper

24 Jan

Remi got into something new… toilet paper. We have no idea why he started destroying things in our house after a long hiatus, but now we can’t leave the house without wondering what is going to be destroyed next. This time, it wasn’t so bad… After all, he didn’t ruin the entire roll of toilet paper. He also didn’t break the trash can, which he knocked over.

Before leaving for work, our routine now consists of checking to make sure all of the chairs in the house are pushed in, the bathroom doors are closed and no paper (or anything besides the TV remote) is left on the coffee tables. What will be next?


Baby Girl

12 Aug

So, we caved and watched half an episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Wow. They’re annoying. It’s as if they never left high school, but added husbands and children to the mix. Scary.

Although I didn’t enjoy the show, I did fall in love with a name. Milliana. If we have a daughter someday, we may have to use that as a middle name… We already have a first name selected. Yeah, I need to have a daughter someday… Seriously – she already has a name and we’re not even at a point where we’re thinking about trying to have a baby.


5 Aug

We have totally neglected the blog for the last few days. We’ve been so busy. Between working, studying, cleaning and watching home makeover shows, we haven’t had any time to spend on the computer. Unfortunately it probably won’t get better anytime soon, since I’m planning on taking the test in about two months, and Temoc starts schools in a few weeks. :(

We’ll try our best to blog daily, but we can’t make any promises!

New Favorite Store

28 Jul

I used to dread shopping at Ikea. I hated how you’re forced to walk what seems like 10 miles, and two hours later, you haven’t found a thing to buy.

Well, all of this has changed.

I learned how to shop in that massive store. We go in there with a purpose (we need a desk – or we want to look at their bold fabrics). A few weeks ago they started changing their showrooms, which makes us want to visit every week, so we can see the rooms as they’re built! We’re in the market for fabric, curtains and lamps, so we’re hoping they have new products in those categories very soon…

Some of the things we’ve bought recently include:

Vases - $2.99 each (we bought them for $1.99!)

Pots - $2.99

Curtains - $14.99 for two panels

Curtain Rod - $9.99 for 83-152

{Source for all photos: Ikea}

These items were cheap, but they don’t look cheap. Ikea does have a lot of products that look nice from 10 feet away, but up-close they look cheap, which is really my only frustration with the store. Regardless, we’ve found so many things that now decorate our home and for really good deals. I’ve officially converted to an Ikea fan!


17 Jul

This year we will celebrate five years together… Albeit, we still have a few months to go, but it’s been almost five years.

In those (almost) five years, we’ve been watching… Basic TV. In fact, we didn’t even have channel 3 for a year or two, so we would have to go to my dad’s house to watch the office (thank goodness networks now have TV shows online!).

When people find out we don’t have cable, there is a silent pause and complete and utter shock.

what?! why not?! (more like, what’s wrong with you?).

Well, we’ve just gotten used to not having it, so we don’t miss it. We’ve watched some pretty horrible/boring TV shows over the years and we’re always out of the loop when people talk about cable TV shows. However, we saved our money and get our fix when we visit my parent’s house.

Then, yesterday rolls around.

Drum roll, please….

We have cable!

Now we’re going to become couch potatoes, but at least we’ll know what people are talking about when they say the real housewives (we just watched the fake ones) or triple d…


My mom so graciously gifted us with cable because she thought we were crazy… And she wants to talk to us about triple d and house hunters. :)

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