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Day 262: Wedding!

17 Sep

We went to a wedding for really sweet couple. It was beautiful – lovely area, cute and creative touches and wonderful food.


Day 168: Pearls

15 Jun

Lately I’ve been able to take pictures of Luna because I have a toy propped near the camera. Today was no different… Except I found out that she looks good in pearls. :)

Day 127: Card Making

5 May

I’m one of those people that go to a paper store and spend an entire hour (or longer) looking at everything in the store. I love crafting, even after making our wedding invitations (each one probably took about an hour to make!). Recently my mom made me feel guilty for never sending her cards. So, mix my love for shopping at paper stores, crafting and the guilt trip, and voila! Another attempt at making a card.

Unfortunately my mom reads this blog, so I can’t show a picture of it.

Day 102: First Anniversary

10 Apr

We celebrated our first anniversary today. <3

Day 101: Anniversary Celebration!!!

9 Apr

We’re celebrating our anniversary tonight, and our actual anniversary is tomorrow. If we had started the Picture a Day project on New Year’s it would have coincided with Day 100. We’ll have to do that next time.

I can’t believe a year has gone by already. It went by so fast. We’ve had a really good year, and I know we’re going to have a lifetime of happiness. I married my best friend and the love of my life. I am so lucky to have Jen in my life.

Day 78: Something Green

17 Mar

for St. Patrick’s Day.

Day 65: Bloomed

4 Mar

The first flower from Day 41 has bloomed! We forgot the color of it, so we were happy to learn that it’s different from the others that we are trying to keep alive. :)

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