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Day 275: Too Organized

30 Sep

The owners of the home we’re renting tried to seem organized. They left labels all around the house… In areas that I don’t think need labels (twin size bed linens, breakfast and really… office supplies?).

We think it sounds like a euphemism for “junk drawer.”


Day 274: On Edge

29 Sep

Since we’re so far behind on publishing the posts, we’re dreading playing catch up. The Internet and cable are hooked up, but we still have to do plenty of unpacking and cleaning.

We also bought a groupon many months ago for mypublisher that expires today. So for the past three days, I’ve been feverishly going through and editing our pictures from Maui and have to finish the photo book tonight. Fun.

Luna got mad at something (maybe a bird or cat or even a plastic bag?) and was on edge for the rest of the evening… barking at everything. She always barks at things that are out of place (like a new satellite dish), so I try to ignore her “warnings”.

Day 273: Stop

28 Sep

Remi truly believes in ‘stopping to smell the roses’ – only replace roses with any flower that comes his way.*

*Flower not pictured, but I promise he was smelling it.

Day 272: Distracted

27 Sep

Remi is still getting used to the new sights and sounds…

Day 271: Smiles from Remi

26 Sep

Remi is just too cute… No explanation needed…

Day 270: Fall

25 Sep

Fall unofficially arrived today. Throughout the day it was sunny, cloudy or raining. I much prefer summer weather, but on the bright side, our plants got a little more water than usual. :)

Remi begged for treats more than usual today. I’m not sure why he thinks I’ll give him a cookie when he makes this face…

Who am I kidding? How can I resist this face?

Day 269: Help

24 Sep

We got the much needed assistance in unpacking our stuff today. We still have several boxes to go through, but the garage is no longer filled on all three sides and we can actually cook in the kitchen (darn!). The next couple projects will be finishing the kitchen and starting on the loft. I can’t wait to be done!

Joaquin watched the Jungle Book for the first time. Although he didn’t make it through the entire movie, he did enjoy what he did watch (notice that he’s sitting still?! We also caught him lying on his stomach a few feet from the TV! Haha)