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Day 276: Tractor

1 Oct

Dinner with the family… Joaquin didn’t want to pose for pictures, but he agreed to go outside with Mommy and the tractor. Don’t you love his boots?


Day 269: Help

24 Sep

We got the much needed assistance in unpacking our stuff today. We still have several boxes to go through, but the garage is no longer filled on all three sides and we can actually cook in the kitchen (darn!). The next couple projects will be finishing the kitchen and starting on the loft. I can’t wait to be done!

Joaquin watched the Jungle Book for the first time. Although he didn’t make it through the entire movie, he did enjoy what he did watch (notice that he’s sitting still?! We also caught him lying on his stomach a few feet from the TV! Haha)

Day 249: Jaime’s Birthday

4 Sep

Today we celebrated Jaime’s birthday.

Joaquin was so happy that he got to help his mom blow out her candles.


Day 232: Family Portrait

18 Aug

Well… not quite.

After work we had to go to Sac City to get a couple books for my Bio class, and afterward we decided to go to Mahoroba Japanese Bakery. In the parking lot I thought I saw a familiar car in the parking lot; it was Jaime and Candido, and Joaquin was sleeping in the back. What are the chances of that happening?!

Backstory:After the lame Banana Festival last weekened, to console our disappointment we went to Mahoroba. Jen and I went right after it opened, but hadn’t been back since because it’s not close to anything we go to in town.

Based on how good the pastries are and the fact that we went to the store twice in one week, I am sure we’re going to try to find more excuses to go more often. We recommend going to Mahoroba if you’re ever in the Sacramento area and at least try the Kobe Cream Delight.

Day 227: Say Cheese!

13 Aug

Joaquin is hilarious. He talks a lot – until he’s around a group… And then he doesn’t talk at all. As soon as he’s away from the group, he starts talking again. Here he is being silly (he was not speaking at this point, so he didn’t say cheese :/).

Go A’s!!! (just kidding, Mom).

Day 216: Awake

2 Aug

Remi finally has his energy back! He doesn’t get along with Digit – my parent’s dog – so he was on a leash or locked in a bedroom during the entire vacation. Although he slept most of the way home yesterday, he napped for the rest of yesterday evening. Now he’s finally back to playing! We were a bit worried because he’s been limping on different legs, but he seems to be fine today. We’re hoping the limp doesn’t come back. :/

Day 215: Cheeseee

1 Aug

Our vacation is over and I start my new job tomorrow. Looks like I will be getting lots of sleep tonight (haha).

We’ll miss spending time with Joaquin…

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