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Maui – Day 5

31 May

We made our way back to Ka’anapali Beach before it got too busy. Another great start to a beautiful day! We thought we were smart and brought an umbrella, so we didn’t have to endure the sun. However, Jen came out with a ugly and painful sunburn on portions of her legs and arms. Apparently you have to wear sunscreen even when an umbrella is completely covering your body. :/

We decided to check out the northern part of West Maui and got to see how rich people vacation. Someday, right?! (Wrong, I’ll always be frugal!). This part of Maui looks more like Lake Tahoe than Hawaii. We found out Justin Bieber is in Maui, but sadly we didn’t see him. ;)

We decided to keep exploring and stopped at Four Sisters bakery for some treats. Yum! We have been craving malasadas since we visited Kauai. These definitely weren’t as good, but tasted great in their own way.

Next, we visited I’ao Needle. Again, this area of Maui is very different from South Maui, which looks more like a desert. Very green (and cold!). We saw a few different fruits and taro.


Temoc was very excited to look at every fern because he learned about them in plant biology. My cute dorky husband. :)

By this point we were beat, so we drove back to the condo for some relaxation. Very difficult to do on Maui (haha).


Day 153: ‘Iao Needle

31 May

Back to a colder, greener part of the island!



Maui – Day 4

30 May

We decided to explore South Maui and ended up at Big Beach 1. It was beautiful, but we were unprepared for the heat. The sun beating down on our sunburned shoulders was just a little too much to handle.

View of Molokini from Big Beach 1

We stopped at a high end shopping area in Wailea and then decided it was lunch time (we made it to 11:00 local time!). We ate lunch at an even hotter Wailea Beach. We stuffed our faces, just so we could get back to the air conditioned car! :)

We drove through Kihei again and stopped at a shave ice stand. We got tiger’s blood (not in any kind of reference to Charlie Sheen, I hope!), passion fruit and piña colada syrups, cream, azuki beans (tasted like sweet black beans), a little bit of ice cream and mochi. It was delicious!

A few hours later, we began our drive up to Haleakala Crater for sunset. The drive had surprisingly less car sickness inducing curves, so we made it up with no problem. On the way, we saw people playing polo for the first time! We thought it was only played in movies. ;)

We expected it to be cold, but not that cold. It was about 41° with sustained winds (much different from the 86° at sea level).

It may seem unbelieveable, but Silverswords are even more silver than shown in this picture!

The altitude was 10,023 feet, but it didn’t bother us much.

We were early, so we looked around a little. We could see just the tips of two peaks (Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea) on the Big Island through the clouds.

From the shelter on the peak, there was a view of two valleys that had formed over millennia by erosion. In the valleys, there were several cinder cones, one was at least 600 feet tall but it was dwarfed by the sides of the valleys which were several thousand feet deep.

It was so windy outside the shelter that it took our breaths away (or it could have been that pesky altitude). The sunset was beautiful – sort of exciting to watch the sun go down with a bunch of other people!

After Sunset

Day 152: Sunset

30 May

Sunset at Haleakala Crater.


Maui – Day 3

29 May

We started the day with a little window shopping in Lahaina. The town is much cuter than Pa’ia. The next two pictures were taken within a minute of each other. Crazy.

There is a park in the middle of the town with a huge Banyan Tree. This is one tree – and it’s only part of the tree.

Once we had enough of Lahaina, we went to Ka’anapali Beach. We both were being stubborn, and waited a few minutes too long to put on sunscreen and paid for it with not-so-pretty sunburns. :/

Next, we ate lunch at Kahekili Beach. We watched a girl make the dirtiest sandwich ever – she opened a can of tuna on top of a trash can, drained the liquid, went back to her blanket and proceeded to place a piece of bread on the grass, filled it with tuna, potato chips and a second piece of bread, then literally mashed the bread on the grass. There were no napkins involved! :&

Day 151: Pretty in Pink

29 May

Pretty flowers in Lahaina.

Maui – Day 2

28 May

We decided to go to Hana, since we were still not used to the time change. The drive was beautiful, albeit very curvy. We probably drove it too fast because we didn’t stop all that often. Regardless, we saw the beautiful scenery that this part of Maui has to offer. We also saw a few mongoose! They’re crazy looking creatures. We tried to go to a red sand beach, but the signs scared us away – and the fact that it didn’t look like a lounging beach.

We planned on going around the island, rather than turning back around, but car sickness prevented us from going the longer and even curvier way back.

Since it only took us about five hours to go to Hana and then return, we stopped in Pa’ia. The town was cute, but not as cute as Fort Bragg (CA). ;)

We ended our day, lounging and studying in front of the condo. The ocean was loud (almost too loud), but very relaxing.

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