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Day 267: Too Excited for Words

22 Sep

A few months ago we learned that we are going to have another nephew or niece! We are so excited to have another child in the family. We are especially excited to watch Joaquin become a big brother… We’re expecting him to be loving, but really bossy. :) We’re hoping that mommy and papa are willing to let us babysit Joaquin, so they can get to know child #2. haha. Not going to happen.

Anyway, I’m stealing this picture that I obviously didn’t take. It’s my little bear niece/nephew. Who knew that an ultrasound picture could be so cute?!


Day 213: Ocean Fun

30 Jul

We spent another few hours at the beach today. It must have been in the 50’s. Jen, Jaime, and their mom spent most of the time bundled up, while John and I took the dogs on a long walk down the beach. When we came back we found out that Joaquin hadn’t gone down to the water at all because he was afraid that the ocean was going to get him. I took him down to the water to kick the waves and then brought him back to our spot. Soon after, Jaime took him down to the water.

As you can see, Joaquin loved the water this time. By the time we left he was soaked and covered with sand.

Day 204: Nephew Time!

21 Jul

This evening I got to babysit Joaquin while Jen, Jaime, and Candido went to baptism class. We had a good time playing outside with bubbles, watching Clifford and Caillou, and playing with his trains. He even learned that the first car on the train is called an “engine” and the last one is a “caboose.”

I forgot the nice camera, so this is the best that I was able to take with my phone. Joaquin got a little help from the wind to blow this bubble.

Day 187: Happy 4th of July!

4 Jul

Otter pop time!


Day 172: Happy Father’s Day!

19 Jun

Well, obviously he’s not a a father yet, but you can’t get any cuter than this face:

I wish that I had the camera out when he heard a train… He got so excited – eyes and mouth wide open.

We enjoyed putting our feet in the pool and I finally got to see him freak out when he saw a nasty spider. It was so funny to see him scared of it! I wonder who taught him to be afraid of insects? :)

Day 140: Giggles!

18 May

Only his mama can make him laugh like this:

Day 129: Celebrations

7 May

As we mentioned yesterday, we celebrated my birthday and Mother’s Day today. I only got to open a few presents because Joaquin took his job as “present opener” very seriously. As the day progressed, he ended up finding surprise presents that Temoc planned to give me on my real birthday. Joaquin really wanted to open “more presents.” :)

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