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Day 2: Bow

31 Dec

Luna loves to bow (for a toy, not a treat). She used to do it for fun; now she does it on command.


Day 1: Remi and Luna

30 Dec

Our first goal for 2011: post at least one picture per day.

Here’s the first picture (taken with a lightscoop and (color) edited with Lightroom):

Christmas Day

28 Dec

We like taking pictures of dogs and our nephew, but they’re not very cooperative…

He hates the flash…

Merry Christmas Eve

24 Dec

A few more pics taken with our fancy camera…

These were taken last night, without the flash:

And a few from today… Taken by Cuauhtemoc’s dad.

Merry Christmas!

23 Dec

We haven’t written in well… a long time… We intended to blog about our honeymoon (we wrote a blog post everyday, while tanning ourselves on the beach). However, stupid wordpress updated the iPhone app and deleted – yes, deleted – all of our draft blog entries. We haven’t found a way to recover them, so we decided to take a break.

But we’re back.


Because we received a fancy camera as an early Christmas present. We haven’t bought any accessories yet and it’s dark outside, so we’re stuck using the flash. We also don’t know how to use it, so we’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

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