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One Day to Go!

21 Jun

So, we are married and we are nesting (no, we will not be having children soon). We would much rather show you pictures of our updated furniture and pretty new duvet covers, but we suppose we should start many moons ago… The day before the wedding.

We went to bed too late every night for about a week and a half prior to the wedding. Well, Thursday night was no different, except we had to wake up early on Friday to finish a few things and pick up glasses and tablecloths by 8ish. So, we were running on just a few hours of sleep on a day that included setting up the hall, picking up a groomsman at the airport, going to the rental car agency twice (have a credit card handy when you pick up a rental car!), going to kinkos to make more copies, getting a manicure (Jen only), eating lunch, few more errands, changing/washing up for about 10 minutes to look presentable, and then going to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Finally, going back home to finish a few more projects. And then the day was over, but we were still awake.

We didn’t believe people that said no matter how organized you are in the process, you will be rushed the day before the wedding. You should believe them! We did sooo much planning, but it just wasn’t enough to allow us to relax before the wedding. We were hurrying at every stop along the way – so much so that we don’t have any pictures of the rehearsal. Oops.

The rehearsal was sunny and a little too warm. There was a crazy drunken homeless person and one of the children in our “party” got hurt (dislocated wrist. Ouch!). We followed the directions and then we were off to eat… Italian style.

Here are a few pics of the rehearsal dinner. The food was wonderful (we’re picky non-restaurant eaters, so that’s saying something!).

Coming soon: details



20 Jun

We will eventually come back and talk about our wedding, but for now, we’d just like to show off our nephew.

Relaxing for approximately 1 second. (Look at those eyelashes!)

He'd like to take his own picture.

Isn’t he adorable?

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