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Day 232: Family Portrait

18 Aug

Well… not quite.

After work we had to go to Sac City to get a couple books for my Bio class, and afterward we decided to go to Mahoroba Japanese Bakery. In the parking lot I thought I saw a familiar car in the parking lot; it was Jaime and Candido, and Joaquin was sleeping in the back. What are the chances of that happening?!

Backstory:After the lame Banana Festival last weekened, to console our disappointment we went to Mahoroba. Jen and I went right after it opened, but hadn’t been back since because it’s not close to anything we go to in town.

Based on how good the pastries are and the fact that we went to the store twice in one week, I am sure we’re going to try to find more excuses to go more often. We recommend going to Mahoroba if you’re ever in the Sacramento area and at least try the Kobe Cream Delight.


Day 212: Oysters

29 Jul

Today we got ready early and went to Fort Bragg to take a ride on the Skunk Train. It was a nice train ride through a bunch of coast redwood trees. After the Skunk Train, we beelined to the Mendocino Cookie Company to get some of the best cookies ever made (Jen’s note: apparently Temoc doesn’t like my cookies! haha). Then we made our way to Mendocino where I found an oyster stand!

The oysters were so good! After I ate these, I wanted more, but we had already left Mendocino.

Day 186: Patriotic Dessert

3 Jul

Summer is my favorite season because of the warm weather (although it might be a bit too warm right now), and because of the fruit. I think we ended up buying 10 pounds of fruit today, including the strawberries and blueberries in the picture below.
This dessert is approximately 80 calories (1 cup strawberries, 1/4 cup blueberries and 2 tablespoons fat free cool whip).

Day 182: Junk

29 Jun

We’ve come across a bit of a stumbling block with this project. Our monitor should have been thrown out about a week ago, but before we could actually throw it away, we had to accept the idea of spending money. We finally gave into the idea and bought a laptop on Sunday; however, it hasn’t even shipped yet (it’s supposed to be delivered between July 1-7). I wish we shopped around more because I’m not sure how much longer we take with this monitor… The lines are blurred and there is dark streaking across the entire screen… Viewing pictures on the camera’s little screen is easier than on this monitor. Ugh.

Happier thoughts. My mom gave me this magazine and it might force me to get a bit crafty or at least bake some cookies this weekend! Aren’t these cookies pretty? My dream job would be to work for Martha Stewart. Maybe Temoc should apply to Columbia Dental School? :)

Day 171: Blueberries

18 Jun

We bought blueberries last weekend and then totally forgot to eat them. The solution? Make blueberry muffins!

The recipe is not healthy, but we can splurge once in a while, right?

Day 170: Yawn

17 Jun

This week has been incredibly boring for me. I get to see Temoc in the evening (yay!), but then I get to prepare dinner and wash dishes. Then I have to quietly move about the house, catering to his needs. I’m trying to be a good wife, so I don’t break his concentration, but it makes me want to talk to him even more when I know I have to leave him alone. I really should get used to this now because I have another week to go… and then *hopefully* several more years.

Notice the drink in the bottom right hand corner? He requested a peanut butter shake because I didn’t make enough food for dinner. Oops. ;)

All kidding aside, he doesn’t expect anything from me and I really do like helping him in anyway that I can (which is limited to washing dishes and making edible, but apparently not filling meals).

The peanut butter shake is amazingly good. The original recipe can be found here. I unintentionally changed the recipe by cutting the milk in half, and I’ve never added the sugar. I intentionally reduce the calories/fat by using light ice cream, unsweetened almond milk and reduced fat peanut butter (I use only 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, but of course it’s even better with 2-4). Yum!

Day 166: Steak

13 Jun

In the 5.5 years that we’ve been together, we’ve only cooked steaks maybe two times. Temoc stole a glance of a steak dish in one of my magazines, so I figured it was time for number three.

It really didn’t look this pink in person. The camera added some color…

The difficult part of being a vegetarian is that I have no idea if he’s lying to me when he says how good the dish tastes… :/

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