Our Bostons

Luna at Irish Beach

Luna at Irish Beach


Luna was born on March 19, 2007.  She is our very high energy Boston.  After numerous testings, we’ve determined that her number one obsession is a ball – any ball.  She will choose a ball over any treat or toy.  Her favorite activity, after running/fetching the ball, is when Rémi licks her.  She stands over him, while he nearly falls asleep, licking her all over.

Luna is cautious around strangers.  She likes to make sure that she can trust someone before giving out kisses.  However, once she knows you, she freely gives out her slobbery kisses!  She loves big dogs, and would rather play with big dogs than small dogs.

Remi loves to remove the stuffing from his toys

Remi loves to remove the stuffing from his toys


Rémi was born on April 29, 2008.  He is our very low energy Boston.  After licking Luna, Rémi loves food.  He has been known to drool all over the place when he sees someone eating.  He’s never eaten any food that he doesn’t like (including lettuce).  Rémi also likes to play/chew on shredded toys and bones.

Rémi is not shy – he gives kisses out freely.  He hates big dogs, and enjoys protecting strangers from their own dogs.

Ally loved to get wet

Ally loved to get wet


Ally was born on August 10, 2001.  She passed away on April 21, 2008 from nasal cancer.  She was Jen’s pride and enjoy.  She was a little princess.  She loved food (not lettuce), and was overweight because everyone fed her too many treats, much to Jen’s dismay.  She liked all dogs and loved to play.  One of our favorite activities with Ally was howling at her.  She howled back in the most precious way.

Ally loved water.  She would get in the first step of a pool or any kiddy pool that she found (even if the pool was empty or it was winter).  When we were living in our apartment, our neighbor accidentally overwatered the lawn, leaving two inches of water sitting on top of the ground.  Jen took Ally (and Luna) out to go potty.  When Ally figured out about the water, she went crazy!!  She ran in circles, getting wetter than she’s ever been before.  She was so happy to play in water, and it was definitely a day that I will never forget (Temoc wasn’t home to witness it, unfortunately)!  Ally also enjoyed going to the beach.  Unlike Luna and Remi, Ally would actually touch the water when we would go to a beach.


2 Responses to “Our Bostons”

  1. Andrea May 19, 2009 at 10:14 am #

    Hahaha, I swear Remi is just a little Tux. The description above could apply to her, too! Miss Ally <3

  2. Aunt Dawn January 14, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    I just discovered your web-site. Very cool! Luna is actually smiling-so cute. Ally sure was a sweet little dog with quite a personality-miss her.

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