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Day 233: 500 days

19 Aug

Today we celebrated our 500th day anniversary. It’s not actually until Monday, but since I have school then we decided to celebrate it tonight.

We went to eat at the Waterboy. It was a nice place to eat, but it was a little too casual for our special occasion.


Day 108: Photoshoot

16 Apr

Today we went to Old Sac and Jaime took pictures for our one year anniversary. The pictures came out great! Here is a preview.

Day 102: First Anniversary

10 Apr

We celebrated our first anniversary today. <3

Day 101: Anniversary Celebration!!!

9 Apr

We’re celebrating our anniversary tonight, and our actual anniversary is tomorrow. If we had started the Picture a Day project on New Year’s it would have coincided with Day 100. We’ll have to do that next time.

I can’t believe a year has gone by already. It went by so fast. We’ve had a really good year, and I know we’re going to have a lifetime of happiness. I married my best friend and the love of my life. I am so lucky to have Jen in my life.

Day 97: 5 Days Left

5 Apr

Our anniversary is in just 5 days! I can’t believe we’ve (almost) been married for a year. We received an anniversary gift from Temoc’s aunt today.

So sweet of her! Hopefully we can vary our meals and use some of these herbs! Let us know if you have any recipes. We think it’s rosemary, mint and another unidentified herb. :)

In other news, I got a call from our nephew today. It seems like he’s SO excited to talk to me, and then when I say “hello?” he says… nothing. Once he gives the phone back (well, once the phone is taken from him), he starts talking away. I’m hoping his mommy well let us babysit for their anniversary, which happens to be Friday (wish me luck!).

90 days later

9 Jul

I downloaded an app on my phone that counted down the days to our wedding… Well, I haven’t deleted it and I check it once in a while just to see how long it’s been since our big day. I was happily surprised that today is our 90th day being married. He wants to make it to 90 years, but I’m not so sure that he needs to see my 117 year old face. Eww!


22 May

Today is our 6 months (engagement) anniversary.  Although we thought that our relationship wouldn’t change because of engagement/marriage, we were wrong.  We feel that much closer to each other, knowing that we will begin our married life together very soon.  We already knew that we would be together forever, but it’s just one step closer to becoming reality!

We can’t wait for marriage because only one of us (Temoc) will need to carry benefits, we’ll be able to file taxes together (so Jen doesn’t have to create two tax returns), Jen gets to change her last name (people will actually be able to pronounce the last name, but still get the spelling wrong), and eventually we will  have children!  Sounds perfect to us!St. Thomas

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