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Day 281: Interview Day

6 Oct

Today I had my first Dental School interview! I interviewed at University of the Pacific, Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. Whenever we go to the City, the trip is usually about an hour and half. This morning it took me two and half hours! It was raining and the morning traffic was horendous once I hit the Bay Area.

Today was the first time since the change in Administration that I wore a suit. I was comfortable and relaxed and ready to interview. There were only six of us today and we were the first interview day! I can’t believe I got an interview on the first day! They interview the best candidates early in the process.

I was the oldest of the interviewees. Two of us had gone to Stanford, two from USC, one from SF State, and the other from UoP, Stockton. The morning started with an Admissions Overview, where we learned more about the school and a little about what to expect for the day. Next was my faculty interview. It went very well. It was more of a conversation about the school, my experience, and some advice for the future.

I am sold on the school. Not to mention by my final year they’ll be moving to a new state of the art builing in Downtown! Now I have to wait until December 1st to know if I’ve been admitted.


Day 236: School (again)

22 Aug

Temoc is back in school (the summer went by way too fast)! This will be his last fall semester at a junior college. Yay! We’re really hoping he gets into a dental school – by January – that doesn’t require him to go back to school in the spring. We shall see…

Apparently he wanted to do a proper send off and left a ton of dishes in the sink for me to clean. I spared you by not taking a picture of the mess, and instead took a picture of the pretty Luna. :)

Day 177: Smarty Pants

24 Jun

Temoc did very well on the DAT! We are both so excited!! I couldn’t be more proud of him. He has just a few more things to wrap-up, and then he will have to wait for interviews. In the meantime, he can enjoy the summer (without school or studying)! Luna is happy that he’ll be able to play with her more now ;)

Here are his scores for anyone who cares:

Perceptual Ability: 21

Quantitative Reasoning: 18

Reading Comprehension: 23

Biology: 22

General Chemistry: 30

Organic Chemistry:21

Total Science: 23

Academic Average: 23


Day 135: Fall Classes

13 May

This semester isn’t even over and I’ve already had to register for my classes in the Fall. I’ll be taking Animal Biology and Organic Chemistry 2. I can’t wait to be done.

At least Summer vacation starts next week. I am mostly looking forward to spending a lot more time with Jen while I am not in school.

Day 107: Spring Break!!!

15 Apr

Spring Break is finally here! I am tired, and about to get burned out. These long days kill me, up at 5:45 am and in bed at about 10:00 pm. I am so glad I will get to spend the next week of evenings with my wife. I also hope to use this week to get a lot of studying done too. I have an O. Chem test on the Tuesday after break ends, so I better know the material like the back of my hand.

Jen took this picture of Remi and Luna. He’s listening to where Luna is so she doesn’t take the bone from him. I am so glad I’ll be able to see them more over the next week.

Day 74: Studying?

13 Mar

or not…

At least Luna is enjoying herself. :)

Day 30: Chemical Naming

28 Jan

Temoc is naming alkanes, saturated hydrocarbon chains, in his Organic Chemistry class. Alkanes are all around us: methane, propane, butane, just to name a few.

This alkane is called 2,2,4-trimethylpentane, also known as “octane”, a component in our gas.

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