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Day 283: Sun is Always Welcome

8 Oct

The weather was perfect today. Warm (but not that warm) and sunny!

On a side note, we’re sorry for the very disorganized posting of day pictures. We’re trying to play catch-up, while also attempting to not bombard people with too many posts… So, it seems a bit scattered and it seems like it’s neverending, but eventually we’ll catch up!


Day 282: State Capitol

7 Oct

Our (work) parking garage has quite the view of the capitol…

(Does it annoy you as much as it annoys us when people/businesses write “capital” instead of “capitol”?)

Day 281: Interview Day

6 Oct

Today I had my first Dental School interview! I interviewed at University of the Pacific, Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. Whenever we go to the City, the trip is usually about an hour and half. This morning it took me two and half hours! It was raining and the morning traffic was horendous once I hit the Bay Area.

Today was the first time since the change in Administration that I wore a suit. I was comfortable and relaxed and ready to interview. There were only six of us today and we were the first interview day! I can’t believe I got an interview on the first day! They interview the best candidates early in the process.

I was the oldest of the interviewees. Two of us had gone to Stanford, two from USC, one from SF State, and the other from UoP, Stockton. The morning started with an Admissions Overview, where we learned more about the school and a little about what to expect for the day. Next was my faculty interview. It went very well. It was more of a conversation about the school, my experience, and some advice for the future.

I am sold on the school. Not to mention by my final year they’ll be moving to a new state of the art builing in Downtown! Now I have to wait until December 1st to know if I’ve been admitted.

Day 280: Rainy Day

5 Oct

I lucked out and missed the rain, but it was still wet and cold. It’s amazing how fast the weather changes!

Day 279: Goodbye Summer

4 Oct

I think there’s no denying it. It’s fall. Summer abruptly ended and I’m not thrilled about it. We can’t even eat outside at work because it’s too cold/windy… It feels like elementary school all over again…stuck inside… Except the office is freezing, not hot and stuffy. ;)

Since our new home is smaller, we don’t have much space to play fetch. Regardless, Luna finds the smaller space just fine…

Day 278: …and then there were clouds

3 Oct

I’m hoping we still have some warm October days ahead of us…

Day 277: Little Beggar

2 Oct

Remi has become quite the little beggar. He jumped on this chair to beg for some cookies (that we subsequently returned because they were making the dogs sick).

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