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Day 92: We Love the 80(°)s

31 Mar

Today was a beautiful, warm day – finally. Luckily we had the day off, so we could enjoy the sunshine and warmth! Even the dogs tanned for a bit.

We also found out that our neighbors moved. Yay! We no longer have to deal with fights, pot smoke, loud rap music, or badly maintained cars.


Day 91: Fight and Make-up

30 Mar

All evening long these two have been going back and forth between fighting (okay, playing) and kissing. The “kissing” usually begins when one of the two doesn’t feel like playing anymore.

Day 90: Show Off

29 Mar

Luna really likes to show off her toys. She parades them around, as if everyone is excited to see whatever toy she has in her mouth. I let them have three bones, and now two are missing, so this one is in constant rotation.

In very positive news, it was sunny and semi-warm today. I think spring has finally decided to make an appearance!

Day 89: Let’s Sleep In!

28 Mar

When we wake up, Luna is wide awake. The days we get to sleep in, she tries to wake us up if she senses any movement. She must have had a bad case of the Mondays today because she didn’t want to get out of bed. Temoc grabbed the camera in time for me to capture this picture.

Keep in mind, it was 5:45 AM. I’m proud of us for being alert enough to grab the camera and take a picture! Also, if you’ve ever read Damn You Auto Correct, I can’t think of the phrase “bad case of the Mondays” without thinking of manboobs. :)

Day 88: Don’t Take My Picture!

27 Mar

Remi wasn’t in the mood to have his picture taken, hence the sad face. I think he was tired from visiting with PaPai. Luna wasn’t helping either – she kept blocking the camera and trying to bite him. :)


Day 87: Chug!

26 Mar

We bought what look like “small” bottles of soda, but in actuality, they’re the size of a normal can of soda. I don’t drink much soda and neither does Jen. So, as I was drinking it, I was surprised to see how easy it would be to drink the entire bottle. After I finished the bottle I was still thirsty.

No wonder my mother-in-law chugs two cans of soda at a time. ;) Water quenches my thirst much better than soda.

Day 86: Maui can’t come fast enough

25 Mar

With all the rain we’ve been getting, all we can think about is our trip to Maui. In the meantime all we can do is plan our trip.

On a side note, we bought Kauai Revealed by the same author(s) on our first day in Kauai and used it throughout our trip. We highly recommend Kauai Revealed and hope that we can recommend Maui Revealed!

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