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The Shadow

29 Jul

So… Jen’s thinking about going back to school, and so am I. We are definitely pursuing different areas — I’m interested in dental school.

One of the requirements for applying to Dental school is shadowing a dentist. In most cases the pre-dental student (me) must shadow at least 40 hours. To be competitive I should probably do more like 80 hours. This week I finished my 40 hours plus a few more. Once a week for the past six weeks, I’ve been shadowing three dentists at a local community owned health and dental clinic. It’s been awesome! Everyday I come home to tell Jen something new that I got to witness first hand.

While I don’t get to treat patients, I come home with a great sense of fulfillment that I can watch these dentists affect their patients lives in a profound manner.

It’s been an awesome learning experience. I must have seen over 20 extractions, three or four root canals, four crown fittings, and multiple denture adjustments and fittings. I also helped record perio probe depths and treatment plans. I also learned that the secret to extracting difficult teeth is to use the elevator (a lot!).

I would love to be able to shadow them — or other dentists in the area — for an additional 40 hours. It’s exciting!


Higher Education

22 Jul

When I was in college, I thought that I needed more education than just a bachelor’s degree. I had dreams of going to law school… And then I met my husband… Looking back, meeting him couldn’t have come at a better time. I could have went to law school and maybe I would have been happy, but probably not.

Several people told me to go back to school just after I graduate, otherwise I would never go back to school and if I did, it would be much more difficult if I waited too long. Well, they may have been right, but I don’t agree with them. People that don’t know what they want in a career shouldn’t go back to school immediately after college. They should wait and really figure out their interests and then go back to school. Otherwise, all of that time and money is wasted on a potentially useless master’s degree or Ph.D!

Now, 6 years later, I’m seriously considering going back to school. I feel like I’m more prepared now, than I was back then. I’ve thought more about what I want to do for my life and for a career, and I think I know the type of education that I need and will enjoy pursuing… And maybe I will wake up one day and want to go to work!

So now the studying begins. How much fun is it to study for a test? Not much fun at all. I have many hours of studying ahead of me. If I end up not going back to school, the studying won’t be completely useless because I’m currently learning about correct grammar, which will help me in everyday speech, this blog (maybe), and even in my current job (a big maybe).

So, if I mess up and stop blogging, I’m sorry. It’s probably for the best because it might actually mean that I’m studying. ;)

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