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Day 283: Sun is Always Welcome

8 Oct

The weather was perfect today. Warm (but not that warm) and sunny!

On a side note, we’re sorry for the very disorganized posting of day pictures. We’re trying to play catch-up, while also attempting to not bombard people with too many posts… So, it seems a bit scattered and it seems like it’s neverending, but eventually we’ll catch up!


Day 280: Rainy Day

5 Oct

I lucked out and missed the rain, but it was still wet and cold. It’s amazing how fast the weather changes!

Day 279: Goodbye Summer

4 Oct

I think there’s no denying it. It’s fall. Summer abruptly ended and I’m not thrilled about it. We can’t even eat outside at work because it’s too cold/windy… It feels like elementary school all over again…stuck inside… Except the office is freezing, not hot and stuffy. ;)

Since our new home is smaller, we don’t have much space to play fetch. Regardless, Luna finds the smaller space just fine…

Day 277: Little Beggar

2 Oct

Remi has become quite the little beggar. He jumped on this chair to beg for some cookies (that we subsequently returned because they were making the dogs sick).

Day 273: Stop

28 Sep

Remi truly believes in ‘stopping to smell the roses’ – only replace roses with any flower that comes his way.*

*Flower not pictured, but I promise he was smelling it.

Day 272: Distracted

27 Sep

Remi is still getting used to the new sights and sounds…

Day 270: Fall

25 Sep

Fall unofficially arrived today. Throughout the day it was sunny, cloudy or raining. I much prefer summer weather, but on the bright side, our plants got a little more water than usual. :)

Remi begged for treats more than usual today. I’m not sure why he thinks I’ll give him a cookie when he makes this face…

Who am I kidding? How can I resist this face?