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31 Jul

We get to hang out with this little boy again today:

Grandma Holding Joaquin for the First Time


We’re going to be tired tonight, so we figured we should probably post a blog entry now. Hopefully we’ll get some more great pictures of him.


Exciting Day

30 Jul

Today we both received full pay for the first time in seventeen months. Woohoo!

Unfortunately we’re back to the pay cut next month…

The Shadow

29 Jul

So… Jen’s thinking about going back to school, and so am I. We are definitely pursuing different areas — I’m interested in dental school.

One of the requirements for applying to Dental school is shadowing a dentist. In most cases the pre-dental student (me) must shadow at least 40 hours. To be competitive I should probably do more like 80 hours. This week I finished my 40 hours plus a few more. Once a week for the past six weeks, I’ve been shadowing three dentists at a local community owned health and dental clinic. It’s been awesome! Everyday I come home to tell Jen something new that I got to witness first hand.

While I don’t get to treat patients, I come home with a great sense of fulfillment that I can watch these dentists affect their patients lives in a profound manner.

It’s been an awesome learning experience. I must have seen over 20 extractions, three or four root canals, four crown fittings, and multiple denture adjustments and fittings. I also helped record perio probe depths and treatment plans. I also learned that the secret to extracting difficult teeth is to use the elevator (a lot!).

I would love to be able to shadow them — or other dentists in the area — for an additional 40 hours. It’s exciting!

New Favorite Store

28 Jul

I used to dread shopping at Ikea. I hated how you’re forced to walk what seems like 10 miles, and two hours later, you haven’t found a thing to buy.

Well, all of this has changed.

I learned how to shop in that massive store. We go in there with a purpose (we need a desk – or we want to look at their bold fabrics). A few weeks ago they started changing their showrooms, which makes us want to visit every week, so we can see the rooms as they’re built! We’re in the market for fabric, curtains and lamps, so we’re hoping they have new products in those categories very soon…

Some of the things we’ve bought recently include:

Vases - $2.99 each (we bought them for $1.99!)

Pots - $2.99

Curtains - $14.99 for two panels

Curtain Rod - $9.99 for 83-152

{Source for all photos: Ikea}

These items were cheap, but they don’t look cheap. Ikea does have a lot of products that look nice from 10 feet away, but up-close they look cheap, which is really my only frustration with the store. Regardless, we’ve found so many things that now decorate our home and for really good deals. I’ve officially converted to an Ikea fan!


26 Jul

We got to see our nephew again this weekend. Although his mom might disagree, he’s getting to be much more entertaining! Sometimes he will repeat what we say. This weekend he said Luna and Remi (me-me, which happens to be my nickname for him). Aww!

Here are a few pictures of him in the pool:

Much to our surprise, Remi decided to join in on the fun and also got in the pool:

We even got to babysit Joaquin for about 15 minutes. He pretended to put sunscreen on us:

It’s amazing to watch him learn something new – like how to turn on the bath faucet or where to put a key. It truly seems like he learns something new everyday that we’re with him!

Shrike Strike

25 Jul

The Shrikes have struck again! These birds are the bane of my tomato plants. This first tomato is what they ate today. The worst thing about it is that they don’t even eat the whole thing; they just eat a little.

These are two tomatoes that were eaten yesterday. I took them off the plant so that they could compost back into the soil.

Half-eaten tomatoes

At least they didn’t take a bite out of all the tomatoes like they did last year. This is the culprit:

The tomato eating culprit

{Source: Doug Back }

Helping Me Study?

24 Jul

Remi’s not helping me study…

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