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Day 47: How We Spend Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

In the past year or so, we finally made progress on decorating our home. Each room looks nearly complete… We just failed at decorating our bedroom. We have nice furniture, but the room lacked any sense of romance or luxury. So, yesterday, we decided to spend our Valentine’s Day (since we didn’t have time today) searching for items that would make our room seem a bit more romantic.

Jen was set on a purple/silver-grey/black theme after shopping with a friend and seeing a display at the Z Gallerie. We went to five stores and purchased items from three of them:

(Duvet cover from Ikea, flower candleholders and runner from Z Gallerie and candles from HomeGoods)

We have a few more items to purchase (or make) before we are ready to call it romantic or luxurious, but it’s definitely getting closer. Hopefully we’ll be able to post a picture by Day 365. :)


New Favorite Store

28 Jul

I used to dread shopping at Ikea. I hated how you’re forced to walk what seems like 10 miles, and two hours later, you haven’t found a thing to buy.

Well, all of this has changed.

I learned how to shop in that massive store. We go in there with a purpose (we need a desk – or we want to look at their bold fabrics). A few weeks ago they started changing their showrooms, which makes us want to visit every week, so we can see the rooms as they’re built! We’re in the market for fabric, curtains and lamps, so we’re hoping they have new products in those categories very soon…

Some of the things we’ve bought recently include:

Vases - $2.99 each (we bought them for $1.99!)

Pots - $2.99

Curtains - $14.99 for two panels

Curtain Rod - $9.99 for 83-152

{Source for all photos: Ikea}

These items were cheap, but they don’t look cheap. Ikea does have a lot of products that look nice from 10 feet away, but up-close they look cheap, which is really my only frustration with the store. Regardless, we’ve found so many things that now decorate our home and for really good deals. I’ve officially converted to an Ikea fan!

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