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Day 276: Tractor

1 Oct

Dinner with the family… Joaquin didn’t want to pose for pictures, but he agreed to go outside with Mommy and the tractor. Don’t you love his boots?


Day 269: Help

24 Sep

We got the much needed assistance in unpacking our stuff today. We still have several boxes to go through, but the garage is no longer filled on all three sides and we can actually cook in the kitchen (darn!). The next couple projects will be finishing the kitchen and starting on the loft. I can’t wait to be done!

Joaquin watched the Jungle Book for the first time. Although he didn’t make it through the entire movie, he did enjoy what he did watch (notice that he’s sitting still?! We also caught him lying on his stomach a few feet from the TV! Haha)

Day 267: Too Excited for Words

22 Sep

A few months ago we learned that we are going to have another nephew or niece! We are so excited to have another child in the family. We are especially excited to watch Joaquin become a big brother… We’re expecting him to be loving, but really bossy. :) We’re hoping that mommy and papa are willing to let us babysit Joaquin, so they can get to know child #2. haha. Not going to happen.

Anyway, I’m stealing this picture that I obviously didn’t take. It’s my little bear niece/nephew. Who knew that an ultrasound picture could be so cute?!

Day 263: Moving Day

18 Sep

We thought we were going to have another week to pack, but we ended up having Friday (after work) through Sunday. Wow! We thought we packed a lot beforehand, but we didn’t come close to packing even 1/4 of our things. At the end of the day, I didn’t want to see another object enter our new home.

Five years ago, we moved in together. We had a decent size one bedroom apartment. We used my dad’s truck and I think it took us three hours and a few truckloads. Then we moved from the apartment to our 3 bedroom/2.5 bathroom home. We rented a 16′ truck and I have no clue how long it took us, but let’s just fast forward to today. We rented a 24′ truck to move into a home with a similar layout, but 260 square feet smaller. Do you know how much stuff fits into 260 square feet? I had no idea until the day ended and our now larger garage is filled (unlike before). We have a walkway to the kitchen and stairwell. We have boxes piled in the loft and master bedroom (the two other bedrooms are in decent shape – thankfully). I’m a bit disgusted by all of our junk. I’ve already created a donation pile (we dropped off a carload full of stuff yesterday), and I’m hoping that pile will grow exponentially!

Joaquin tricked me into letting him use the hose. He got us both soaked.

Anyway, we are again so thankful to Jaime and Candido… and Joaquin who even pitched in! They spent their weekend helping us – and even offered to help unpack next weekend – without any hesitation.

Day 261: So Lucky

16 Sep

We’re so lucky to have such great family. Candido helped Temoc carry the heavy stuff downstairs and Jaime packed the kitchen – and kept me organized. We’re moving out soon, so we should be ready to go… In the meantime, Joaquin kept the dogs busy. We weren’t paying attention to him, and then we found him like this:

He kept saying he was stuck…even though he was opening the door. He’s too cute!

Day 255: Baptism Day

10 Sep

Joaquin was baptized today, and I became a godparent! Exciting!

Sorry for the very blurry photo – he has no patience for posing… He only stayed in the room because Mommy was playing with him. He also is not wearing his baptism outfit. He was so cute with his little white suit…

Day 249: Jaime’s Birthday

4 Sep

Today we celebrated Jaime’s birthday.

Joaquin was so happy that he got to help his mom blow out her candles.


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