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Day 122: New Bed

30 Apr

Remi got a new bed today. It looks like he likes it, but he still has to get used to it. He really likes the doghouse style bed and we finally found a new one to replace his old tattered one he’s had since he was a puppy. We even splurged and added a memory foam cushion to make it softer for him.


Day 121: Remi is 3!

29 Apr

Our little boy turns 3 today! We can’t believe that we’ve had him for three years. He started out as a cute little puppy and turned into a very sweet, albeit “protective” dog. He wiggles when he’s happy, loves to play ball, wrestle with and kiss Luna (not at the same time), eat anything, but preferably human food, and sleep on our bed, although he knows that’s not allowed. :)

Happy Birthday Remi!

Day 120: Peach Cobbler!

28 Apr

I got home early from school this evening and this was waiting for me. It was so good that I had two helpings.

I have the best wife. <3

Day 119: Poisonous Apple?

27 Apr

Today, Luna decided that she would rather sit on my lap and be pet than eat part of an apple. Remi, being a normal dog, chose the apple. :)

Day 118: Nosy

26 Apr

When I’m on the treadmill, Remi sometimes looks out the window, watching out for people and dogs. From my perspective, this is what I see:

His cute face keeps me going. ;)

Day 117: Warm Weather (is almost here)

25 Apr

I realize it’s only Monday, but this weekend is supposed to be warm! Yay!

Remi decided to have his picture taken today…

Day 116: Easter, Part 2

24 Apr

We forgot to take pictures of the second Easter celebration, but we do have pictures of some of the cake pops. We made vanilla cake/frosting with a white candy coating and a gluten free vanilla cake/frosting with a chocolate candy coating. Both were delicious, but we forgot to take pictures of the gluten free ones. They were better than the Starbucks ones :)

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