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Day 183: Cheap!

30 Jun

We had to run some errands, so we took a slight detour to theĀ  mall. Luckily, Banana Republic and Gap had great deals – an extra 40% off sale items. I got this headband for only $11.


Day 182: Junk

29 Jun

We’ve come across a bit of a stumbling block with this project. Our monitor should have been thrown out about a week ago, but before we could actually throw it away, we had to accept the idea of spending money. We finally gave into the idea and bought a laptop on Sunday; however, it hasn’t even shipped yet (it’s supposed to be delivered between July 1-7). I wish we shopped around more because I’m not sure how much longer we take with this monitor… The lines are blurred and there is dark streaking across the entire screen… Viewing pictures on the camera’s little screen is easier than on this monitor. Ugh.

Happier thoughts. My mom gave me this magazine and it might force me to get a bit crafty or at least bake some cookies this weekend! Aren’t these cookies pretty? My dream job would be to work for Martha Stewart. Maybe Temoc should apply to Columbia Dental School? :)

Day 181: Playtime

28 Jun

Despite being rainy, today was a great day! We got to hang out with Jaime and Joaquin. I guess we were having too much fun because I forgot to take a picture. :(

A picture of Remi will have to do…

Day 180: Playtime

27 Jun

Normally, Remi is scared when Temoc tries to play with him. This time, however, Remi was ready to play :)


Day 179: Another Lazy Sunday

26 Jun

We relaxed and ran a few errands today. As always, Remi participated in this lazy day…

Day 178: Half Smile

25 Jun

Joaquin doesn’t have the patience to pose for a picture, so I only got this half smile… He’s still cute. :)


Day 177: Smarty Pants

24 Jun

Temoc did very well on the DAT! We are both so excited!! I couldn’t be more proud of him. He has just a few more things to wrap-up, and then he will have to wait for interviews. In the meantime, he can enjoy the summer (without school or studying)! Luna is happy that he’ll be able to play with her more now ;)

Here are his scores for anyone who cares:

Perceptual Ability: 21

Quantitative Reasoning: 18

Reading Comprehension: 23

Biology: 22

General Chemistry: 30

Organic Chemistry:21

Total Science: 23

Academic Average: 23


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