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30 Jun

We neglected to mention a little detail that we accomplished in the past month.  We ordered Temoc’s ring from Blue Nile.  We received the ring the day after we ordered it, even though Jen had it inscribed (very impressive).  We also received an email less than 2 weeks after ordering the ring and found out that the ring was $30 cheaper, plus 10% off.  Jen called Blue Nile, and they adjusted the price.  Yay!

Temoc's Ring

Temoc's Ring

Unfortunately, we gave up our wedding bands, so they’re securely locked away in a safe that is not in our home.  No more peaking or trying the rings on until the wedding.  It’s torture!



17 Jun

We’ve taken a break from wedding planning…  We both caught a cold from Joaquin (see below), Temoc was preoccupied with internal tribal fighting (such old news), and then to top it off, we received troubling news on our jobs.  So, needless to say, we haven’t been excited about the wedding in the past few weeks.  We are trying to stay positive and working hard, looking for new jobs, but creating a new resume, writing a cover letter and actually finding jobs that fit us, is not enjoyable and is extremely time-consuming.  We can’t wait to get back into the stress-free, wedding planning!

Regardless of what is occurring in our lives, we’re thankful to have each other to lean on, and we’re still very excited to be married in less than 10 months (countdown is on!).  We also are thankful have an adorable little nephew that always makes us smile!


If we could understand what Joaquin is saying to us, this is what we would hear:

Picture #1 (left): “Auntie, the camera is scary!  Turn it off!”

Picture #2 (right): “Are  you serious?  Another picture?”


5 Jun

We ended up meeting with three photographers, all of whom were very nice (and all happen to be friends).  They all had beautiful, perfect pictures, so it made for a difficult decision!  However, we needed to make a quick decision because we didn’t want to miss out on our first choice photographer.  So, we weighed our options, and feel comfortable with our decision.  We think we’ll have fun, pretty pictures that we can proudly hang on our wall, and someday show our children.  We also should be within our budget (which is crucial), so it’s a win-win!  We’ll post more details about our photographer once we get our engagement photos done, which probably won’t be until the Fall… So, stay tuned!

Jaime’s Binder – Our Wedding Planner

2 Jun

Thanks to Jaime’s (older sister/BM) mostly meticulous wedding planning record keeping and great ideas, we feel like we’re ahead of schedule with certain elements of our own wedding planning. We’re so thankful for the burgundy binder, with all of its contents because without it, Jen would be calling Jaime even more for advice/questions, etc. (although Jen does secretly enjoy calling Jaime just to hear Joaquin’s baby talk).

So, with that, we’ve gotten one sheet of invitation paper cut, and 43 favor boxes wrapped.  We’re thinking about trying to sell the favor boxes on Etsy to see if we can make any money, but we haven’t decided yet. Do any of you think people would buy them?

The Mishap

2 Jun

One of our adorable little dogs decided that he or she didn’t want “Mommy” working on the favor boxes anymore.  So, he or she took it upon himself or herself to render the super tape unusable.  This super tape is only available at Paper Source (they were out of it when we went to the store and when we made the order online) and  Anyway, here is what Temoc found upstairs by one of the dog beds (our work area is downstairs on the dinning room table).

Super Tape - Eaten by Dog(s)

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