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Day 206: Slowest Project Ever

23 Jul

Remi’s bed isn’t going as quickly as we had hoped. It probably took us an hour (or longer) to figure out how to use the sewing machine. Then, the bobbin ran out of thread. To top it all off, we sewed a side with a three inch seam – instead of a half-inch seam. Oops. This better turn out to be the most amazing dog bed ever!

While I was cutting, Remi relaxed on the foam.


Day 202: I’m Crafty. Sometimes.

19 Jul

I shouldn’t jinx myself because I don’t know if I’ll really be able to complete this new project, but I’m going to try.  Luna is very interested in smelling it, while Remi is a bit cautious.


What is is it going to be? Well, Jaime gave us a house bed several years ago. It became Remi’s bed, and he loved it. He stretched his legs and scratched his way to nowhere one too many times, which resulted in a ramshackle of a bed. We searched for a replacement months before we actually found one. The new bed lasted a month (maybe less) and Remi really didn’t like it that much. So again, Remi was stuck with a less than stylish bed. Instead of searching for a bed that doesn’t exist, we decided to make one on our own. It’s not a cheap project, but we’re hoping really just hoping that the walls will stay up. :)

Day 186: Patriotic Dessert

3 Jul

Summer is my favorite season because of the warm weather (although it might be a bit too warm right now), and because of the fruit. I think we ended up buying 10 pounds of fruit today, including the strawberries and blueberries in the picture below.
This dessert is approximately 80 calories (1 cup strawberries, 1/4 cup blueberries and 2 tablespoons fat free cool whip).

Day 182: Junk

29 Jun

We’ve come across a bit of a stumbling block with this project. Our monitor should have been thrown out about a week ago, but before we could actually throw it away, we had to accept the idea of spending money. We finally gave into the idea and bought a laptop on Sunday; however, it hasn’t even shipped yet (it’s supposed to be delivered between July 1-7). I wish we shopped around more because I’m not sure how much longer we take with this monitor… The lines are blurred and there is dark streaking across the entire screen… Viewing pictures on the camera’s little screen is easier than on this monitor. Ugh.

Happier thoughts. My mom gave me this magazine and it might force me to get a bit crafty or at least bake some cookies this weekend! Aren’t these cookies pretty? My dream job would be to work for Martha Stewart. Maybe Temoc should apply to Columbia Dental School? :)

Day 146: Organized

24 May

I got a label maker for my birthday and I couldn’t be more excited! Everything is going to be labeled and organized now. :)

Day 143: Hold My Hand

21 May

I had to take a picture of them in this bed again. I think they cuddle here every weekday morning. So adorable…

Day 127: Card Making

5 May

I’m one of those people that go to a paper store and spend an entire hour (or longer) looking at everything in the store. I love crafting, even after making our wedding invitations (each one probably took about an hour to make!). Recently my mom made me feel guilty for never sending her cards. So, mix my love for shopping at paper stores, crafting and the guilt trip, and voila! Another attempt at making a card.

Unfortunately my mom reads this blog, so I can’t show a picture of it.

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