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Day 146: Organized

24 May

I got a label maker for my birthday and I couldn’t be more excited! Everything is going to be labeled and organized now. :)


Day 127: Card Making

5 May

I’m one of those people that go to a paper store and spend an entire hour (or longer) looking at everything in the store. I love crafting, even after making our wedding invitations (each one probably took about an hour to make!). Recently my mom made me feel guilty for never sending her cards. So, mix my love for shopping at paper stores, crafting and the guilt trip, and voila! Another attempt at making a card.

Unfortunately my mom reads this blog, so I can’t show a picture of it.

Secret Book

6 Aug

Soon after we were engaged, we bought cute journals to write our innermost thoughts, concerns and beliefs. It was supposed to be a wedding present to each other, but we didn’t finish them in time. We both have finished, and will start reading them soon. It’s a bit scary to think Temoc is going to read what I wrote. What if I sound stupid? What if he doesn’t agree with what I wrote? What if I don’t agree with what I wrote (we did start writing to each other nearly two years ago, and our thoughts are bound to change!)?

I’ll probably be a bit embarrassed, but he probably won’t make fun of me (not too much a least).

Attention to Detail

13 Jul

After 17 months of engagement and 4.5 years of “dating,” the day had finally arrived. We woke up in different places, since we’re traditional like that (haha). I (Jen) woke up to my mom making lots of noise in the 6’o clock hour (yeah, my mom was more anxious than me). Temoc woke up in a hotel. We both did a few more last touches, got ready and then we met for pictures.

If you’re not yet married, make sure your bridesmaids are aware of the details. We had a homemade ring bearer pillow and a “Just Married” sign that were left at home. We didn’t remember until we were at the reception, looking for the sign (after the photographer was gone). I also forgot a bouquet of flowers in the car in memory of Temoc’s mom. It’s unfortunate, but as the bride, you’re not thinking about all the little things. You’re thinking about the big picture (Is he going to love my dress? I can’t screw up the vows. Please don’t let me trip walking down the aisle. And please don’t cry because then I’ll mess up my $100 make-up). In retrospect, if my bridesmaids knew what I needed, the “little” details wouldn’t have been left in the car or at home… Since we can’t do anything about it, we took a few pictures to show off on our blog.

Ring Bearer Pillow

Sign (just imagine us holding the sign with giddy smiles)

And the other details that did make it to the wedding…

Very labor-intensive bouquets

Our rings

Very labor-intensive paper centerpieces

Messy, but not as labor-intensive garter (taken by us)

And finally, very labor-intensive favors (who would’ve guessed?)

All pictures taken by Rachelle Photography, unless otherwise noted.


30 Jan

We are patiently waiting at FedEx Office for our invitations to be printed. If you are planning to make your own invitations, we recommend that you stay far away from opal stardream paper! It’s a printing nightmare! It’s beautiful paper, but jams if you print more than one page at a time. The guy helping us is printing one page at a time, while also trying to help other people. At least he’s patient and didn’t give up like they did at Office Max. :) And, we won’t even delve into how awful Staples is at printing…


25 Jan

We just realized we can get our marriage license because we have less than 90 days left! So exciting!

Favor Boxes and Invitations

13 Jul

What do you get when you have no money to spend and a three day weekend?  A bunch of wedding preparations done!

Jen worked on the favor boxes for hours, and now we have a total of 100 done (with 2 in progress).  We only ordered 100 boxes, so we’re going to search for 18+ more.

Meanwhile, Temoc worked on the design of the “Direction” card for the invitations.  They’re nearly complete.

We also made our first invitation.  Although it’s not the final product, we are happy with how it turned out.  The process was much easier than we had anticipated.  We spent about $16 (oops!) on a new paper cutter/scorer.  We weren’t sure how to make the “V,” which is why it took us so long to make our first invitation.  We hoped the new paper cutter would work because it was cheaper/easier than the alternatives – and it did!  Here’s a sneak peek of the invitation:


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