The Proposal

Jen's Ring

Jen's Ring

For probably about two years before I asked Jennifer to marry me, we had been talking about marriage and our future. She would always tell me that she wanted the proposal to be romantic. Of course it was going to be romantic, but I have a track record of not being so romantic, so this was really my chance to pull out all the stops and make Jen feel really special let really let her know how much she means to me. I really started the planning in August ’08 with the shuffling around of credit card balances so that I could pay for the ring. I found the best deal on a balance transfer I could get. I think it’s 2.99% for the life of the loan. That’s a pretty good rate considering I was going to carry the balance on a credit card. I guess this is the unromantic side of the proposal, but its the process I went through. So I figured out how I was going to pay for the ring, but the unforeseen consequence of transferring the balance was that with the new credit card the minimum payment nearly doubled. I failed to ask about that when I was transferring the balances. Before she knew about the ring, Jen got pretty mad at me for not asking about the minimum payment because this was about the time that the State started the whole budget crisis and our paychecks were uncertain. Ooops… :) coit tower

We’d been looking at styles of rings for a while in jewelry store windows and online. We decided that Jen liked a more vintage style ring made out of platinum. At Jen’s urging, I was to seriously consider buying a ring from Blue Nile, but I didn’t find anything that I liked or that I thought she was going to like. After a couple of weeks searching online I settled on going to a mall jewelry store, DeVons. They had Tacori and I felt that their designs were what we were both looking for. So in September, Jen and Jaime were going to the Galleria to buy Jaime some birthday make-up and I decided to tag-a-long. I really didn’t want to go buy make-up with them but since Jen and I pretty much go everywhere together this was probably the only way I was going to get to the mall without her being suspicious of me wanting to go to the mall alone. When we got to the mall I dropped Jen off with Jaime at the Fountains. I said I was going to Best Buy. I really went to DeVons, making sure to keep a vigilant eye out the store window keeping watch for Jen, Jaime, or Jen’s mom, Cindi. Fortunately, they didn’t go to Macy’s and stayed at the other end of the mall.

viewfrom top I bought the ring, but since Jen has tiny fingers, size 5, they were going to have to special order it. I would have to wait another month to pick up the ring. I finally got the call that the ring was ready five or six weeks later. I thought, “Dang! How am I going to get to the mall now?”. Ah… a light bulb appeared over my head. Early Christmas Shopping! This time I dropped Jen off at Best Buy and she was going to hang out that stores around there while I went and looked for her “Christmas Gift.” When I picked up the ring I was nervous and sweating. This was really it. I had the ring and I was going to ask Jen to marry me. Now the planning for the moment starts….

It was difficult to find a time where I would have the opportunity to propose to her. After four weeks of having the ring in the car and hidden elsewhere in the house, I was getting antsy. I’d been trying to plan the special day and finally came with the idea of going to San Francisco. I think that before that, we’d only been to the City one other time, so it was going to be pretty special. I let Jen know that we were taking a trip a couple days before because we were going to have to drop off the dogs at her dad’s house and this way it didn’t raise too many questions. I picked a date, reserved a hotel from Travel Zoo, and made dinner reservations. ggbr I told Jen we were going to the City so that she would know what to pack for. I think we left home around eleven and made it down to the City by 2:00 pm. I didn’t really have a plan to where were going to go, but I knew that I wanted to propose to her before dinner. First, we went to Coit Tower. We even paid the $5.00 each to take the elevator to the top. If you’ve ever been to Coit Tower you know what the view is like just siting the parking lot, so imagine what it’s like at the top of the tower. Next, was the Golden Gate Bridge. We’d never walked on it and I was originally thinking that I could propose to Jen on the Bridge, but when we got there I changed my mind. It really didn’t seem as romantic as I was originally planning. It was noisy, like walking next to the freeway. Plus there were tons of people around and I wanted it to be more of an intimate moment. So we just walked about half way and turned back. It must have been close to 4:00 pm by this point. The sun was going down and I thought I better find a place quickly. Our next stop was the Palace of Fine Arts.

Union Square from our room

Union Square from our room

While there was a lot of construction going on, it was still pretty next to the pond. We walked down the path and on the way back toward the car, in front of the pond, we found a bench to sit at. We sat down and I brought the little ring box out of my pocket and gave it to her. It was pretty obvious what it was and I asked her to marry me, and from this blog you know what she said. Our next stop was the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. It was nice, except for the fact that we stayed on the 20th floor right under Harry Dentons When we checked in they asked if we minded noise and we were thinking that it was just street noise but what they really meant was noise from the club. Anyway, we had a nice view of Union Square, where we could see the Christmas Tree, Macy’s, and the Ice Rink. We had to get ready for our dinner reservations at the Top of the Mark in the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Our table had a nice view of the city, and luckily it wasn’t foggy.

November 22, 2008 was the most perfect day.

Jen and Temoc after the proposal

Jen and Temoc after the proposal


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    When’s the big day?

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