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Day 61: Flowers

28 Feb

Temoc’s aunt bought us a few plants that we’re hoping we can keep alive.

The orchid from Day 41 hasn’t bloomed yet. One bud looks like it’s close to blooming, though!


Day 60: Weight Gain

27 Feb

While Lucy was here, Remi and Luna wanted to eat Lucy’s food, and Lucy wanted to eat their food. Unfortunately, it appears that Luna ate Lucy’s food and her own food. We tried tricking them into eating their own food by mixing both types of food in each bowl. However, we put Luna on the scale today and were surprised to see that she weights almost 16 pounds!

She wasn’t very cooperative – apparently she’s embarrassed by her stomach that’s just about touching the floor – so her face is blurry. :(

Day 59: Bye Bye Lucy

26 Feb

Lucy’s family came back from Colorado today. Remi and Luna made friends with her quickly. I am not sure if Remi and Luna miss her, but I found that I missed her following me around the house after she left. For now, our house is back to normal.

Day 58: Whoopie Pies!!!

25 Feb

Last weekend in Corte Madera we had our first whoopie pie. It was so good that we couldn’t wait to have them again. So, we made them–well Jen did most of the work. Temoc just helped fill the piping bag.

Day 57: Rainy Day

24 Feb

Today was an awful weather day – raining, cold and dark. The dogs continued their playing/wrestling/annoying us with all the noise…but at least they’re having fun!

Day 56: Birthday!

23 Feb

Temoc turned 31 today! We took part of the day off to celebrate/relax – considering he has school tonight. Eventually we’ll be able to go somewhere for his birthday, but until then, we’re stuck staying close to home (Kauai, please? Especially since it might snow in Sacramento this weekend?).

Before we left the house, he couldn’t find his phone. See that rectangular object in his pocket? Yeah, that’s his phone… That’s my adorable husband – already becoming forgetful. :)

Day 55: Smiles!

22 Feb

The dogs have been smiling (well, panting) a lot lately…

The three dogs can’t help but play – especially when you’d rather not listen to their breathing/growling/yelping.

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