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Sugar High

26 Mar

I have a sweet tooth. If I didn’t watch my weight, I’d have cake and cookies everyday. I’d probably have some type of chocolate, too. And it would start with breakfast. Some people like cold pizza for breakfast. I like day old cake. (I don’t want to know what I will look like pregnant). I’ve also infected my soon-to-be husband with the “disease” in which he is disappointed if I don’t have dessert for him or I forget to pack a goodie in his lunch.

So this is what we would like to have:

I bet you’re drooling now…

Instead I have this:

80 calories. Three grams of fiber. Mmm…

They’re actually pretty tasty.

So what does this have to do with the wedding? Well, if you didn’t guess by now, we won’t be lacking in sweets! We’ll have three different cakes, three types of candy and three or four types of cookies (baked by me, and my way-too-nice mom and aunt). Yum!



25 Mar

16 days

Yes. The countdown is on. It’s been on since Temoc made us our chalkboard. I couldn’t think of anything else to write on our pretty chalkboard, so I wrote __ days until our wedding. I believe it started at 105 days. Now nearly 100 days later, I can’t help but think how fast the time has flown by! If only we had maximized our time, I wouldn’t have a constant pain in my back/shoulder… If wedding stress is what’s causing the pain.

So. Where are we in the planning? This is what we have slated for the remainder of the week/end:

-finish the centerpieces
-finish my veil
-make dog collars and one leash
-put the final touches on the bouquets
-make the boutonnières
-go to men’s wearhouse to solve a color issue
-meet with the caterer? Contact the other vendors for payment/details
-other little miscellaneous details

Will time be on our side?

No Sleep

24 Mar

So… Two blog entries were typed and almost ready to be posted, but we never got around to uploading pictures. Now those posts just seem irrelevant!

We have 17 days left, and we are now in our final push to finish all of our projects. We have quite a bit to do, still. We didn’t realize all of the appointments with vendors that are required before the wedding, which take quite a bit of time. So, every spare minute is now dedicated to the wedding. We will get everything done, we promise! We might not get much sleep in the next two weeks, but our wedding will be exactly what we want it to be because we will have done almost everything by ourselves. :)


10 Mar

One month to go!

We have all of our vendors, but we still have a lot of projects to finish. I must enjoy the last month of crafting because I won’t have any reason to craft after we’re married and before we have kids that are old enough to craft! :(

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