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Maui – Final Day :(

3 Jun

Our last day arrived. We were so not ready to go home! We got so used to getting up to this view. I don’t think anyone would want to give it up.

We feel like we may have missed a few beautiful beaches and maybe some other activities that we would’ve enjoyed! We will definitely need to start saving for our next trip to Hawaii. Who knows – maybe we’ll try a different island!

We woke up early to enjoy the partial day that we had left. We went to Kama’ole Beach 1. We saw two happy dogs and wished our dogs could enjoy the warm beach!


Day 156: Our last beach :(

3 Jun

The last beach we went to on Maui was Kama’ole Beach.

We can’t wait until we can go back to a beach that is actually warm :)

Maui – Day 7

2 Jun

Since we hadn’t gone out to breakfast, we decided that we finally needed to go. The food was just all right at 808 Bistro. Edible, but not exciting enough to photograph or really want to remember. We went to Kama’ole Beach 2 (right next to the Kama’ole Beach 1 that we tried to go to on the first day). The wind hadn’t picked up, so we could sit on the beach! Amazing…

Notice the windmills?

On a side note, next time you go to the beach on a sunny day, listen to males (of any age). We heard at least four complain about the hot sand and how much it hurts. Not one female complained… Babies… ;)

Once we got a bit too warm, we decided to go back to the lava fields to take pictures. It was amazing the second time around. It just seems so unreal!

We stopped at a place called Chocalatier. What a joke. They had the fanciest and most ridiculously priced chocolate that we’ve ever seen. This little box was $5 (the chocolates were maybe the size of a quarter). We’ve definitely had better tasting chocolate.

We read about this amazing peanut butter shake at an old diner style restaurant and continued our high calorie day with one. It was worth the hundreds of calories! Yum!

Later that evening we went on a sunset dinner cruise. It was one of those things that I really only need to experience once. A nice couple from Texas sat across from us, which was fabulous because otherwise we could have sat with people well above our age group. ;) The views were amazing.

We ended the evening with another walk through Lahaina… Gathering last minute souvenirs, including postcards. :)

Day 155: Egret?

2 Jun

We were stuck in traffic (!), so we took a picture of this bird, which we think this is a type of egret. They were all over the island. I love the way they walk. :)

Maui – Day 6

1 Jun

We woke up very early to go kayaking and snorkeling. We have been looking forward to kayaking since we enjoyed it in Kauai so much. There was only one other couple with us, which we were happy to see. Our guide was a bit slow kayaking, and Temoc kept complaining that I wasn’t helping, but we almost crashed into the guide several times… Talk about impatient. ;)

Truth be told, I was absolutely terrified of the ocean and snorkeling at first. I didn’t know how to get my feet up and everyone was watching me (all 4 of them. Haha). Well, I finally figured it out after my lovely husband helped me and we were finally on our way. Almost instantly we saw a turtle, and then a second one. We were so close that we probably could have touched one, but we didn’t want to scare it away.

Horrible, grainy photo taken with a cheap waterproof camera.

We saw several types of fish, including two humongous ones that I could have sworn were sharks (and then I said, “oh my god, oh my god” because again, terrified of the ocean!). We decided to head back to the kayak because the other couple was done. We not so gracefully got back into the kayak (I cut myself and blood was pouring down my leg – not great for the paranoid person in me that probably should have never watched nature shows with sharks because I will never forget them pouring blood into the ocean to attract sharks! Ugh…). Well, the couple got sick and wanted to leave. Our guide brought us to a second spot and left us in the middle of the ocean while he took them back. Eek! After a few minutes of trying to talk myself into getting back into the water, I finally got in. We again saw a few more turtles and several types of fish. We also saw mushroom coral, which was rather odd looking. We were freezing, even though the water is somewhere above 75°, so we decided to get back into the kayak – still not gracefully, but no blood this time! We found out the other couple got very seasick, and it made me nauseous for a good 45 minutes. Wonderful. We kayaked back, and then took a drive through a large area of lava flow. The area was beautiful – dark clouds and some fog made it look majestic. We felt dirty, so we headed back to the condo to shower and study.

See Mom, he studied!

We were feeling a bit restless, so we drove to Kahului for some shopping. We decided to go to old navy and I found a dress for $8 (this is the place to go – clothes that have sold out weeks and even months earlier at home were on a deep discount here, and the tax is less than 4.17%!).

Temoc was craving fish, so we bought ahi shoyu poke and tako poke, and some tofu poke for me (stomachache inducing, but it tasted good!).

We again relaxed and decided to watch a scary movie.

Day 154: Kayak, Snorkel, Study and Eat!

1 Jun

Relaxing on the lanai…

The view never got old.

Maui – Day 5

31 May

We made our way back to Ka’anapali Beach before it got too busy. Another great start to a beautiful day! We thought we were smart and brought an umbrella, so we didn’t have to endure the sun. However, Jen came out with a ugly and painful sunburn on portions of her legs and arms. Apparently you have to wear sunscreen even when an umbrella is completely covering your body. :/

We decided to check out the northern part of West Maui and got to see how rich people vacation. Someday, right?! (Wrong, I’ll always be frugal!). This part of Maui looks more like Lake Tahoe than Hawaii. We found out Justin Bieber is in Maui, but sadly we didn’t see him. ;)

We decided to keep exploring and stopped at Four Sisters bakery for some treats. Yum! We have been craving malasadas since we visited Kauai. These definitely weren’t as good, but tasted great in their own way.

Next, we visited I’ao Needle. Again, this area of Maui is very different from South Maui, which looks more like a desert. Very green (and cold!). We saw a few different fruits and taro.


Temoc was very excited to look at every fern because he learned about them in plant biology. My cute dorky husband. :)

By this point we were beat, so we drove back to the condo for some relaxation. Very difficult to do on Maui (haha).

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