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Day 233: 500 days

19 Aug

Today we celebrated our 500th day anniversary. It’s not actually until Monday, but since I have school then we decided to celebrate it tonight.

We went to eat at the Waterboy. It was a nice place to eat, but it was a little too casual for our special occasion.


Day 120: Peach Cobbler!

28 Apr

I got home early from school this evening and this was waiting for me. It was so good that I had two helpings.

I have the best wife. <3

Day 110: I Can Cook

18 Apr

I love to bake. However, I leave the cooking to Temoc (but I do try to help out). A co-worker told me about a recipe for an Asian style chicken, so I decided to make it for Temoc. He helped a little, but I did the majority of the work! I messed up with the first ingredient (chicken) and completely forgot to make the marinade separately, so I got to eat leftovers. :/

Day 109: Chores

17 Apr

We were slow moving this morning. Temoc slept in, we washed both cars, exercised and then cleaned the house. By the time we were done, it was 1:00! While we were changing the sheets on the bed, Luna took a break to relax on the duvet cover. It looks like she’s on a hill.

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