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Secret Book

6 Aug

Soon after we were engaged, we bought cute journals to write our innermost thoughts, concerns and beliefs. It was supposed to be a wedding present to each other, but we didn’t finish them in time. We both have finished, and will start reading them soon. It’s a bit scary to think Temoc is going to read what I wrote. What if I sound stupid? What if he doesn’t agree with what I wrote? What if I don’t agree with what I wrote (we did start writing to each other nearly two years ago, and our thoughts are bound to change!)?

I’ll probably be a bit embarrassed, but he probably won’t make fun of me (not too much a least).


6 months to go!

10 Oct

We had our engagement pictures taken last night.  We had a great time with our photographer, and can’t wait to see the pictures.  We’ll post some here when we get them back. :)

The photo session made us even more excited for our wedding!  We have six months to go, and hope that these next six months fly by, like the last 11 months!


5 Jun

We ended up meeting with three photographers, all of whom were very nice (and all happen to be friends).  They all had beautiful, perfect pictures, so it made for a difficult decision!  However, we needed to make a quick decision because we didn’t want to miss out on our first choice photographer.  So, we weighed our options, and feel comfortable with our decision.  We think we’ll have fun, pretty pictures that we can proudly hang on our wall, and someday show our children.  We also should be within our budget (which is crucial), so it’s a win-win!  We’ll post more details about our photographer once we get our engagement photos done, which probably won’t be until the Fall… So, stay tuned!


22 May

Today is our 6 months (engagement) anniversary.  Although we thought that our relationship wouldn’t change because of engagement/marriage, we were wrong.  We feel that much closer to each other, knowing that we will begin our married life together very soon.  We already knew that we would be together forever, but it’s just one step closer to becoming reality!

We can’t wait for marriage because only one of us (Temoc) will need to carry benefits, we’ll be able to file taxes together (so Jen doesn’t have to create two tax returns), Jen gets to change her last name (people will actually be able to pronounce the last name, but still get the spelling wrong), and eventually we will  have children!  Sounds perfect to us!St. Thomas

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