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Baby Girl

12 Aug

So, we caved and watched half an episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Wow. They’re annoying. It’s as if they never left high school, but added husbands and children to the mix. Scary.

Although I didn’t enjoy the show, I did fall in love with a name. Milliana. If we have a daughter someday, we may have to use that as a middle name… We already have a first name selected. Yeah, I need to have a daughter someday… Seriously – she already has a name and we’re not even at a point where we’re thinking about trying to have a baby.



11 Aug

People are always afraid of bats. Is it because they can carry rabies? It is it because they are like flying mice with sharp teeth?

I have no idea, but when I came across this one I found myself a little afraid too.

It was in the stairwell of the parking garage where I park for work. After I saw it, I went to the office and told them there was a bat. They said “we’ll get someone up there to take care of it.”

The next day, I walked down the stairs I didn’t pay attention, assuming someone had removed the bat. I left work early to run some errands and when I went back up the stairs the bat was still there! No one came and got it. This time it was moving around a little. I went back down to the office where I saw a coworker, who had just told them about the bat again.

Sadly, the bat was probably sick with rabies. Why else would it be our in the day and not have moved in over 18 hours?

Happy Birthday

10 Aug

Today would have been Ally’s 9th birthday. We wish she was still here today, smiling, lounging in the pool on a hot day (or any day for that matter), prancing while going on a walk and heeling like a well-trained dog (wish she would have taught that one to Luna)… Or eating beef sticks from her favorite store (if we walked anywhere near the store – even across the street from it – she would stop in her tracks and try to direct us toward the store).

We still miss her as much as the day that she left us…

Mmm… Smell Remi’s Feet

9 Aug

The only time we can take a good picture of Remi is when he’s sleeping or too lazy to get up. He has really long legs, and they end up in the oddest places. Case in point:

Luna’s Going to Ruin our Couch

8 Aug

Seriously. Look at her new favorite spot:

When we get home from work, there’s an indentation from her chunky butt.

Weekend Routine

7 Aug

Every weekend, while Temoc and I slowly wake up, eat breakfast and read the newspaper, the dogs follow the sun throughout the first floor of the house. Since we decided to not put blinds in our stairwell, the window lets in really bright morning sun.

The dogs usually start out by the couch and then move to the dining room. It’s like watching a plant grow. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss them get up and move a few inches as the sun rises and shifts.

Secret Book

6 Aug

Soon after we were engaged, we bought cute journals to write our innermost thoughts, concerns and beliefs. It was supposed to be a wedding present to each other, but we didn’t finish them in time. We both have finished, and will start reading them soon. It’s a bit scary to think Temoc is going to read what I wrote. What if I sound stupid? What if he doesn’t agree with what I wrote? What if I don’t agree with what I wrote (we did start writing to each other nearly two years ago, and our thoughts are bound to change!)?

I’ll probably be a bit embarrassed, but he probably won’t make fun of me (not too much a least).

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