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Happy 2012

1 Jan

So, we obviously failed Project 365. The catch-up after our move completely threw us off. It became cumbersome. The pictures were the same every single day. Remi and Luna are cute, but not that cute (kidding). So we did what any logical person would do – quit… even though we only had 82 days to go. Haha.

We apologize for the absence. We received some exciting news at the beginning of December. Temoc got into his top choice dental school! He also received his fourth interview call, but thankfully (for our bank account) he was able to decline the three remaining interviews.

2011 was a trying year. We went through a lot of emotional ups and downs, but they were just experiences that grew us closer together (I can’t imagine having to go through any of it without his patience, support, strength and love).

We have several goals that we have to accomplish in 2012. All of the goals are centered upon moving to a (real) city (these are not dreaded new year’s resolutions – we likely won’t have a choice and will have to make them happen):

Learn how to downsize. Before and after our move, we donated a bunch of unnecessary items. However, we only lost 200 square feet in this house (but gained some of that square footage in the garage). We’ll be lucky if we only lose an additional 1000 square feet in the next move. And we won’t have a garage. Needless to say, in the next six months, we will have to make many decisions on what we can and cannot live without (and still end up parting with some “necessities”).

Spend less and save more. We’re pretty frugal, but we’re about to go through a major transition. We have steadily become more financially stable, but Temoc will no longer have any income beginning this summer (student loans will likely be less than half of his current income). We thought we were poor when we had furloughs, but nothing will compare to the next three years (unless I have a very high paying job). We have to begin the painstaking process of putting ourselves on a tight budget, so we can plan for the tough times that are ahead!

Spend time “working” on the dogs. Luna is toy-aggressive. We can live with her hyper-ness, but she becomes aggressive when she’s playing fetch and a dog tries to take her toy (she is only aggressive with Remi if we’re playing with a ball). We won’t be able to deal with this behavior in a city if we ever want to go to a dog park.

Which leads us to Remi. He has about 4.5 friends (4 Boston Terriers and Lucy – after being around her for a few days). That’s all. He wants to attack any other animal that comes into view. It’s a serious issue. I think the Dog Whisperer would partially blame me because I can’t let my guard down on walks, I really don’t enjoy taking him places where we might see dogs, and I might be guilty of babying him… He’s such a sweet dog at home, but has the completely opposite personality as soon as we leave the house. We need to work on him in a very serious way. We also have to schedule his second surgery, which we hope won’t affect any progress that we hope to make with his behavioral issues.

Work through an emotional “down” that we experienced in 2011. I won’t go into any detail with this one, but I’ve learned that phrase “patience is a virtue” couldn’t be more accurate.

We hope you had a happy holiday season! Here’s a picture of our sweet doggies (taken several weeks ago)…



Day 281: Interview Day

6 Oct

Today I had my first Dental School interview! I interviewed at University of the Pacific, Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. Whenever we go to the City, the trip is usually about an hour and half. This morning it took me two and half hours! It was raining and the morning traffic was horendous once I hit the Bay Area.

Today was the first time since the change in Administration that I wore a suit. I was comfortable and relaxed and ready to interview. There were only six of us today and we were the first interview day! I can’t believe I got an interview on the first day! They interview the best candidates early in the process.

I was the oldest of the interviewees. Two of us had gone to Stanford, two from USC, one from SF State, and the other from UoP, Stockton. The morning started with an Admissions Overview, where we learned more about the school and a little about what to expect for the day. Next was my faculty interview. It went very well. It was more of a conversation about the school, my experience, and some advice for the future.

I am sold on the school. Not to mention by my final year they’ll be moving to a new state of the art builing in Downtown! Now I have to wait until December 1st to know if I’ve been admitted.

Day 244: Interview!

30 Aug

Temoc received a call for his first dental school interview today! We are beyond excited – especially since it’s one of our top two choices! He’ll be busy doing homework and practicing interview questions for the next month… Fun. :)

I guess it’s a good thing that this little guy will be out of commission for the next month or two… Too bad I’m going to be stuck with hyper Luna (just kidding)…

(We’re having a bit of an ant invasion, so we moved the dog bowls to the middle of the carpet. I really can’t stand those things.)

Day 236: School (again)

22 Aug

Temoc is back in school (the summer went by way too fast)! This will be his last fall semester at a junior college. Yay! We’re really hoping he gets into a dental school – by January – that doesn’t require him to go back to school in the spring. We shall see…

Apparently he wanted to do a proper send off and left a ton of dishes in the sink for me to clean. I spared you by not taking a picture of the mess, and instead took a picture of the pretty Luna. :)

Day 225: Bath time?

11 Aug

Luna and Remi both trade licks with each other. Most of the time it’s Remi that licks Luna, mainly because she stands over his head and commands him to lick her belly. This time it was Luna going to town licking the insides of Remi’s ears and his face.

Luna must have been licking him for over five minutes. She laid down to lick him, then got up and continued licking him, and then laid back down and licked him some more. When Remi finally got up his head and ears were all wet.

Tomorrow my supplemental application to Unversity of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry is due. I still have a little more work to do on it, but I will get it in in time.

Day 219: Luna’s got it now

5 Aug

Both of the dogs switch off with who gets the bones. This time Luna is going to town chewing on one of them. I’m not sure where the other one is, but she, like Remi, will also hoard the bones ;)

School starts in two weeks. I’m not really looking forward to it because I will be so busy, but the classes should be interesting. I’ll be taking Animal Biology and Organic Chemistry.

Day 193: Reality Check

10 Jul

We are relatively private on this blog, but I feel like we’ve gotten to a point where we can finally admit defeat and open up about something that’s been happening over the last seven months.

We bought our house with the intention of moving to a better house in about 5-7 years – or when our first child was old enough to go to school. It was supposed to be a stepping stone – to build equity. We didn’t buy at the peak, but it was close enough to the peak that we are now underwater. When Temoc decided that he wanted to go to dental school, I unrealistically thought that the house would become a rental property and we would move back into it when he was done, until we decided where we wanted to live. Months went by and then I realized that any rent that we would receive wouldn’t come close to covering the mortgage payment. With the uncertainty of how much student loan money we will receive, and how long it will take me to find a job, I finally decided it was time to sell the house (Temoc was sold on the idea months before me – I should have listened to him). We found a realtor and a few months later, we had a buyer. We were ecstatic! Then came the first blow – we would have to stop making payments in order for the mortgage company to consider the short sale. We were completely reluctant, but felt we had no choice, so we stopped making payments. We were so sure this would get us a short sale. Three months later, we were approved by the mortgage company! What a relief!

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end to our story. Several weeks went by, and we heard not a peep from the mortgage company. Finally, we heard that it was with our mortgage insurance company. We had no clue that we had mortgage insurance, and thought that we opted out of it – I guess we should have read that paperwork, afterall. So, again, we waited. We lost track of how many weeks had passed. Fast forward to Thursday night, and we got the dreaded email from our realtor. The mortgage insurance denied the short sale. We are still in shock. We didn’t think it would take this long for them to approve or┬ádeny it – and we thought we were in the clear after out mortgage company approved the short sale. So many little clues should have warned us that we were in a downward spiral, but we tried to be optimistic. Now we have to learn about the foreclosure process – what that actually means, beyond just ruining our credit. We’re scared of what tomorrow will bring, and frankly feel sick to our stomachs about this whole process.

Moving forward, I hope that we have learned a valuable lesson in trusting our instincts, while being very cautious in making such a huge investment. We know we are not the first couple to have gone through a foreclosure and certainly (sadly) won’t be the last, but it’s quite difficult to admit defeat and to realize the situation is much more serious than we thought it would be seven months ago… We’ll be sad to say goodbye to our home, but it’s just a home. We have each other, and our cute dogs and I couldn’t ask for more (well, I could, but that will be saved for another blog post:)).

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