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Day 33: More Fun with the Frisbee

31 Jan

Remi likes toys, too. I caught him chewing on the frisbee, which isn’t a normal occurrence.


Day 32: Cupcakes!

30 Jan

Joaquin definitely knows about cupcakes. He loves cupcakes. Today he got to help make “cupcakes” (aka brownies). He had fun stirring, but then stole a bite of the raw mixture and was fired.

Since we’re proud auntie/uncle, we are so excited to see/hear anything new from him. He calls Auntie Jennifer “nana” (kinda sounds like a Grandma name, but I’ll take it). We didn’t get to hear it, but Uncle Cuauhtemoc is Ca-Ca or something similar… He also said “throw the toy” and “agua” very clearly. He also finished an alphabet puzzle and told us several of the letters, without us prompting him! He’s such a smarty pants. :)

Day 31: End of the Bottle

29 Jan

This morning we finished some of the best syrup we’ve ever had, Aunty Liliko’i’s Passion Fruit Coconut Syrup. I guess we’re going to have to go back to Kauai to get some more.

Day 30: Chemical Naming

28 Jan

Temoc is naming alkanes, saturated hydrocarbon chains, in his Organic Chemistry class. Alkanes are all around us: methane, propane, butane, just to name a few.

This alkane is called 2,2,4-trimethylpentane, also known as “octane”, a component in our gas.

Day 29: Hyper

27 Jan

Luna is nearly four years old, but she still has a ton of energy. She loves fetching toys – mostly balls, this frisbee, and bones – and she never wants to stop playing! She even makes this funny growl/moan sound when you ignore her or don’t throw the toy fast enough.

Day 28: Fever

26 Jan

Fevers are not fun… No energy to take a picture with the fancy camera.

Day 27: Puppy Dog Eyes

25 Jan

Remi will always look like a puppy… He has such big eyes that can look so sad (when he’s begging for food, of course).

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