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Day 283: Sun is Always Welcome

8 Oct

The weather was perfect today. Warm (but not that warm) and sunny!

On a side note, we’re sorry for the very disorganized posting of day pictures. We’re trying to play catch-up, while also attempting to not bombard people with too many posts… So, it seems a bit scattered and it seems like it’s neverending, but eventually we’ll catch up!


Day 280: Rainy Day

5 Oct

I lucked out and missed the rain, but it was still wet and cold. It’s amazing how fast the weather changes!

Day 278: …and then there were clouds

3 Oct

I’m hoping we still have some warm October days ahead of us…

Day 270: Fall

25 Sep

Fall unofficially arrived today. Throughout the day it was sunny, cloudy or raining. I much prefer summer weather, but on the bright side, our plants got a little more water than usual. :)

Remi begged for treats more than usual today. I’m not sure why he thinks I’ll give him a cookie when he makes this face…

Who am I kidding? How can I resist this face?

Day 39: 75°

6 Feb

It was a warm weekend with record breaking temperatures! We love this kind of weather, but a little less wind would have been perfect. :)

Apparently Remi was a bit warm, since his ears are red!

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