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Day 283: Sun is Always Welcome

8 Oct

The weather was perfect today. Warm (but not that warm) and sunny!

On a side note, we’re sorry for the very disorganized posting of day pictures. We’re trying to play catch-up, while also attempting to not bombard people with too many posts… So, it seems a bit scattered and it seems like it’s neverending, but eventually we’ll catch up!


Day 264: So Tired

19 Sep

I had to drag myself out of bed today because I had to go to work. It’s seriously not recommended after the so busy I don’t think we got to sit down for more than 5 minutes weekend. Ugh…

We did a little unpacking. I get easily distracted and when there are a hundred different things to do, I get overwhelmed and try to do it all at once… So I end up getting nothing completely done.

AT&T kinda came through, so we’ll have Internet again next Tuesday (who knows why it takes eight days?)!


I forgot to take a picture, so it’s an iPhone picture today (Temoc stayed home to study for a few tests and sent this to me). Remi found a sunspot in the middle of the staircase. :)

Day 162: Major Panting

9 Jun

On our walk today, the dogs were hot after just a block! It’s crazy how the weather goes from cold/raining to upper 80s! We love it!

Just after the walk, Luna tried to follow me around, but she seemed a bit uncomfortable. ;)

Day 160: Finally!

7 Jun

It was finally warm today! All of us are happy to see the sun and not have to bundle up. Hopefully we can pack away the winter clothes…

Remi took no time adjusting back to suntanning.

Day 156: Our last beach :(

3 Jun

The last beach we went to on Maui was Kama’ole Beach.

We can’t wait until we can go back to a beach that is actually warm :)

Day 92: We Love the 80(°)s

31 Mar

Today was a beautiful, warm day – finally. Luckily we had the day off, so we could enjoy the sunshine and warmth! Even the dogs tanned for a bit.

We also found out that our neighbors moved. Yay! We no longer have to deal with fights, pot smoke, loud rap music, or badly maintained cars.

Day 90: Show Off

29 Mar

Luna really likes to show off her toys. She parades them around, as if everyone is excited to see whatever toy she has in her mouth. I let them have three bones, and now two are missing, so this one is in constant rotation.

In very positive news, it was sunny and semi-warm today. I think spring has finally decided to make an appearance!

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