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Day 281: Interview Day

6 Oct

Today I had my first Dental School interview! I interviewed at University of the Pacific, Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. Whenever we go to the City, the trip is usually about an hour and half. This morning it took me two and half hours! It was raining and the morning traffic was horendous once I hit the Bay Area.

Today was the first time since the change in Administration that I wore a suit. I was comfortable and relaxed and ready to interview. There were only six of us today and we were the first interview day! I can’t believe I got an interview on the first day! They interview the best candidates early in the process.

I was the oldest of the interviewees. Two of us had gone to Stanford, two from USC, one from SF State, and the other from UoP, Stockton. The morning started with an Admissions Overview, where we learned more about the school and a little about what to expect for the day. Next was my faculty interview. It went very well. It was more of a conversation about the school, my experience, and some advice for the future.

I am sold on the school. Not to mention by my final year they’ll be moving to a new state of the art builing in Downtown! Now I have to wait until December 1st to know if I’ve been admitted.


Day 244: Interview!

30 Aug

Temoc received a call for his first dental school interview today! We are beyond excited – especially since it’s one of our top two choices! He’ll be busy doing homework and practicing interview questions for the next month… Fun. :)

I guess it’s a good thing that this little guy will be out of commission for the next month or two… Too bad I’m going to be stuck with hyper Luna (just kidding)…

(We’re having a bit of an ant invasion, so we moved the dog bowls to the middle of the carpet. I really can’t stand those things.)

Day 225: Bath time?

11 Aug

Luna and Remi both trade licks with each other. Most of the time it’s Remi that licks Luna, mainly because she stands over his head and commands him to lick her belly. This time it was Luna going to town licking the insides of Remi’s ears and his face.

Luna must have been licking him for over five minutes. She laid down to lick him, then got up and continued licking him, and then laid back down and licked him some more. When Remi finally got up his head and ears were all wet.

Tomorrow my supplemental application to Unversity of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry is due. I still have a little more work to do on it, but I will get it in in time.

Day 177: Smarty Pants

24 Jun

Temoc did very well on the DAT! We are both so excited!! I couldn’t be more proud of him. He has just a few more things to wrap-up, and then he will have to wait for interviews. In the meantime, he can enjoy the summer (without school or studying)! Luna is happy that he’ll be able to play with her more now ;)

Here are his scores for anyone who cares:

Perceptual Ability: 21

Quantitative Reasoning: 18

Reading Comprehension: 23

Biology: 22

General Chemistry: 30

Organic Chemistry:21

Total Science: 23

Academic Average: 23


Day 176: Shiny

23 Jun

The dogs were really hot onĀ  our walk today. As soon as we got back, they both decided to lay in the kitchen to cool off.

Tomorrow morning, Temoc will be taking the most important test that he’s ever taken. Please wish him luck!

Day 138: May Showers?

16 May

It’s cold and raining, which is not common this time of year. On the bright side, Luna finally looked at the camera after a little hiatus.

Temoc also registered to take the Dental Admission Test! Now the real studying begins…

The Shadow

29 Jul

So… Jen’s thinking about going back to school, and so am I. We are definitely pursuing different areas — I’m interested in dental school.

One of the requirements for applying to Dental school is shadowing a dentist. In most cases the pre-dental student (me) must shadow at least 40 hours. To be competitive I should probably do more like 80 hours. This week I finished my 40 hours plus a few more. Once a week for the past six weeks, I’ve been shadowing three dentists at a local community owned health and dental clinic. It’s been awesome! Everyday I come home to tell Jen something new that I got to witness first hand.

While I don’t get to treat patients, I come home with a great sense of fulfillment that I can watch these dentists affect their patients lives in a profound manner.

It’s been an awesome learning experience. I must have seen over 20 extractions, three or four root canals, four crown fittings, and multiple denture adjustments and fittings. I also helped record perio probe depths and treatment plans. I also learned that the secret to extracting difficult teeth is to use the elevator (a lot!).

I would love to be able to shadow them — or other dentists in the area — for an additional 40 hours. It’s exciting!

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