Day 248: Luck..

3 Sep

…was not on our side today! We woke up way too early to take our car in for service. We got back to the house and noticed thousands of ants had infested our house. Somehow the ants were able to get inside of the dog’s food, which is locked away in a plastic bin that we thought was ant proof. Needless to say, the dogs missed out on breakfast.

We visited ‘grandpa’s’ house and were there maybe 30 minutes before we found out that his dog had fleas. Like a major amount of fleas. We took our dogs outside and didn’t let them go back inside. I know that we’re supposed to protect the dogs from fleas, but I became a dog owner ten years ago this month, and none of our dogs ever had fleas… until today. Luna and Remi are now protetected with frontline and will be protected from fleas from now on because I’m pretty sure I never want to see another flea ever again. I feel like I have fleas and ants crawling on me. Disgusting.

Joaquin has nothing to do with this post, but he’s cute and was worried about Remi and Luna, since they were locked in the car by themselves (with all of the windows down and in the shade).

Anyway, what type of flea control do you use? We have bought Frontline in the past (maybe that’s why our dogs have never had fleas before ;)), but was surprised at how much it cost ($70 for six months worth of treatment).


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