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Day 238: Lazy

24 Aug

Remi is still limping periodically, so we made an appointment. Hopefully the problem is easily fixed and doesn’t require surgery. :/


Day 237: Anxiety?

23 Aug

The dogs had their bones back today, but to no avail… They chewed up a few things. Yay.

Day 236: School (again)

22 Aug

Temoc is back in school (the summer went by way too fast)! This will be his last fall semester at a junior college. Yay! We’re really hoping he gets into a dental school – by January – that doesn’t require him to go back to school in the spring. We shall see…

Apparently he wanted to do a proper send off and left a ton of dishes in the sink for me to clean. I spared you by not taking a picture of the mess, and instead took a picture of the pretty Luna. :)

Day 235: Back to normal

21 Aug

Our household in back to normal. There is a lot less activity when there is one less dog in the house.

Remi adjusted back to the normal house quickly. There is something about his yawn that that makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too.

Day 234: Bye Again

20 Aug

Lucy is already going home! We can’t believe five days have already gone by. She’s been playing with Luna a bunch (Luna almost always has a wet ring around her neck!) and she slept in the same bed with Remi last night… We’ll miss her.

Day 233: 500 days

19 Aug

Today we celebrated our 500th day anniversary. It’s not actually until Monday, but since I have school then we decided to celebrate it tonight.

We went to eat at the Waterboy. It was a nice place to eat, but it was a little too casual for our special occasion.

Day 232: Family Portrait

18 Aug

Well… not quite.

After work we had to go to Sac City to get a couple books for my Bio class, and afterward we decided to go to Mahoroba Japanese Bakery. In the parking lot I thought I saw a familiar car in the parking lot; it was Jaime and Candido, and Joaquin was sleeping in the back. What are the chances of that happening?!

Backstory:After the lame Banana Festival last weekened, to console our disappointment we went to Mahoroba. Jen and I went right after it opened, but hadn’t been back since because it’s not close to anything we go to in town.

Based on how good the pastries are and the fact that we went to the store twice in one week, I am sure we’re going to try to find more excuses to go more often. We recommend going to Mahoroba if you’re ever in the Sacramento area and at least try the Kobe Cream Delight.

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