Day 240: Good News/Bad News

26 Aug

We had Remi’s appointment this evening. The vet said he looked great – she liked his shape, his muscular, but thin body, his teeth and not very bulgy eyes, and most of all – his personality. He really knows how to turn on the charm for people (myself included!).

However, when she got to his back legs, she instantly diagnosed him with luxating patellas. The poor guy has been limping around for about a month, but he’s probably been in pain for much longer than the month! (FYI- diagnosing luxating patella is very easy. I felt something shift a few weeks ago, but I really didn’t want it to be his kneecap.)

To help manage the pain, he got an injection and will begin medication tomorrow. He’ll end up having surgery on his left leg (I’m really hoping there is an opening on Thursday, so we can take the long weekend to help him recover). He’ll be in recovery for 6-8 weeks (Luna will take it harder than he will). Six months later, he’ll have surgery on his right leg… and another 6-8 weeks of recovery.

I hate putting the dogs through surgeries, mostly because I hate the feeling that they’re sick. I also really hate when they snap out of it (like two days later) and we have to yell at them to stop playing. With these surgeries, I’m sure that preventing him from playing will be even more important than any other surgery that the dogs have gone through, so it’s going to be rough, to say the least. Our poor mimi…


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