Day 202: I’m Crafty. Sometimes.

19 Jul

I shouldn’t jinx myself because I don’t know if I’ll really be able to complete this new project, but I’m going to try.  Luna is very interested in smelling it, while Remi is a bit cautious.


What is is it going to be? Well, Jaime gave us a house bed several years ago. It became Remi’s bed, and he loved it. He stretched his legs and scratched his way to nowhere one too many times, which resulted in a ramshackle of a bed. We searched for a replacement months before we actually found one. The new bed lasted a month (maybe less) and Remi really didn’t like it that much. So again, Remi was stuck with a less than stylish bed. Instead of searching for a bed that doesn’t exist, we decided to make one on our own. It’s not a cheap project, but we’re hoping really just hoping that the walls will stay up. :)


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